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Being educated, for God's sake, does not mean having a higher education ... Being intelligent does not mean being an intellectual. Knowing other people's twisted terms by heart does not mean that you are smart. Insulting and condemning a person without understanding it does not mean that you are right and he is wrong. Sympathizing and sympathizing only with certain people does not mean that you are good. Being mercantile is no worse than saying out loud that we are a good Samaritan. Knowing and being able to do more than others (about a particular thing) is not, and cannot be, a problem for you, but it will always be a problem for everyone else. Even if you are a spiritual person - it does not mean that you are special and deserve special treatment. Being in a human body is one thing, and being human is something else entirely. Ignorance is an opportunity for development, growth, and knowledge is an iron glove, a final railway station ...


God, I'm silent so they don't serve me the cup of poison ...

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