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Astarte rules the hearts
Giving love to people
No one can avoid it
Sun Ray
Looking up in the sky trying to hold on all my tears falling down when the dark blue sky awakens for a burning shine.
It's all therein, every star reminding me of your eyes,
me realising how long has gone since my heart has been about to а beam of light ,
Rain or shine ...
Being educated, for God's sake, does not mean having a higher education ... Being intelligent does not mean being an intellectual. Knowing other people's twisted terms by heart does not mean that you are smart. Insulting and condemning a person without understanding it does not mean that you are rig ...
As long as he is alive, every person (in one way or another) pretends to be the devil, and when he dies (somehow) imperceptibly ... everyone "becomes" an angel (in someone's eyes)!
A woman on her knees ... must be respected and courted, not humiliated!
I am withering because I am closed in the Idea for myself! My heart is unhappy, my soul is in trouble! I am a sad witness to the consequences of my whim!
- Are you religious ? - Nicolas asked.
- Depends. - Leslie laughed - Long, long ago we were all. We had different religions, and we fought in their name, because the prophets wanted us to do so. We started killing one another because of these so called “Gods”. Every holy book was interpreted accordi ...
"In the moment I saw her walking out that room, a flash of memories hit me with an amazing force. The world is cruel. Back in the days we were happy. We were waking with a smile next to one another. We laughed and cried together and now ... now I realized she wasn't the person I once knew, and our p ...
Always recycle your love,
cause many people need it!
We are not equal but same!
One is not like another, but you love them all!
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