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You make me lose my mind
With your sweet voice
For the others I'm blind
You were my choice
I wanna hold you tight ...
I went over the world new
To search for you
But you weren't around
You were nowhere to be found
(Come and find me) ...
You make me lose my mind
with your sweet voice.
For the others I'm blind
you were my choice.
I wanna hold you tight, ...
Loving you is like snow
melting my heart slow
like a hurricane ride
washing away my pride
Loving you brings me to heaven ...
The sin I've committed
I've committed it with you
The sin I've committed
lies between me and you
When I hear the sound of your voice ...
Separated by thousand miles
What can bring this distance?
Can't see each other smiles
Who knows about this existence?
My heart is yearning for you ...
I have a face of evil
I'm bound to the hell
You know I'm a true devil
There's no saving spell
I have that beast inside ...
Everytime i look around you're next to me
And i know you'll aways be
So what's the point in all this mess
If we can't honestly confess
Words just fly out as lies ...
If the people were to only say the truth
Wouldn't they feel more the youth?
If they weren't trying someone to impress
Wouldn't the broken hearts be less?
If they weren't able to say a lie ...
There's nothing I can hear
Even your lovely voice
I'm far from you dear
It wasn't my coice
I fell from the paradise ...
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