Name Ансел Христов

Selected works

  • Come closer

    Poetry » Authors song, Other   450  You make me lose my mind
    With your sweet voice
    For the others I'm blind
    You were my choice
    I wanna hold you tight ...
  • Come Closer

    Poetry » Other   411  You make me lose my mind
    with your sweet voice.
    For the others I'm blind
    you were my choice.
    I wanna hold you tight, ...
  • Find me

    Poetry » Other   350  I went over the world new
    To search for you
    But you weren't around
    You were nowhere to be found
    (Come and find me) ...
  • Fallen Angel

    Poetry » Other   468  There's nothing I can hear
    Even your lovely voice
    I'm far from you dear
    It wasn't my coice
    I fell from the paradise ...
  • Kiss for farewell

    Poetry » Other   449  The sin I've committed
    I've committed it with you
    The sin I've committed
    lies between me and you
    When I hear the sound of your voice ...

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