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D Dream 

  Poetry » Phylosophy, Free verse
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Drab dreary desecration of deformed delusions dawns destructively down drawn devilishly deeper into desolate deformity devoid of dreams.

Deigned divine dominance dooms downtrodden domains of destitute debauchery driven daily downward.

Done deals define duplicitous dukes and demons drenched in damnation, distress and disarray.

Disturbed distortions of distant decisions deftly defy difficult and different dissonance of destined dreadful downfall.

Dubious demands of distressed damsels dangle diminutively deeply.

Dreamers deriving delicacies of divine disasters dripping delicious drama delve into dauntingly distant dominions of devastated dregs.

Dashed divisions disassemble during the deluge of determined deleterious disseminations of despicable debutantes.

Does death destroy destiny?

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