Mar 14, 2021, 7:56 AM

I can’t handle 

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I can’t handle the thoughts of you at night, 

running in my head from side to side , leaving me speechless with so much to say even tho both of us knew this house of glass was never meant to last


I can’t handle knowing I wasn’t enough and you know I blame myself for you leaving me without a second thought .


I can’t handle seeing you holding her hand , hugging and kissing her all over again , she does nothing but fool around with you and somehow you still let me be your number two.


I can’t handle being left behind , because I did nothing but love you through your darkest time , and the pill doesn’t work anymore and the tears don’t fall at all , so tell me what do i do now?


You can call me selfish for what I’ve said but you’ll never understand the pain of a broken heart that’s being torn apart by the one who once promised to protect it no matter what.


And still...


I can’t handle knowing you belong to someone else but it’s fine because you were never mine in the first place!

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