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Have you ever thought about life?
Have you ever been alone?
Have you ever been sad?
Like me...
I am the one ...
Because my life is an endless story
of a pathfinder, seeking the truth of the ages.
And by adding a little bit of ink
on the sketches of my fairytale
I put some colors on the pages ...
I left him there
Where blood runs deep
In the lion's lair,
where nothing's steep
But set in phrases, ...
Some day I will understand
how you treated me...
Was it wrong? Was it right?
Was it really thee?
I can't hold on to empty words, ...
Another day -
Another wish to fade away.
So take your pills and feel the warmth,
Your lake is smouldering
And now you're gone... ...
Deep in my soul rainy drops are falling.
Deep in the broken heart - there is a sorrow.
How many tears I have cried for you -
my lonely nights covered the pain
with ash and blue. ...
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