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  • Empty heart

    М.Ангелова (Михаела Ангелова) М.Ангелова
    Poetry » White poetry
    Have you ever thought about life?
    Have you ever been alone?
    Have you ever been sad?
    Like me...
    I am the one ...
  • The Pathfinder

    LordOfLight (Злори) LordOfLight
    Poetry » White poetry
    Because my life is an endless story
    of a pathfinder, seeking the truth of the ages.
    And by adding a little bit of ink
    on the sketches of my fairytale
    I put some colors on the pages ...
  • Blocked

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » White poetry
    I left him there
    Where blood runs deep
    In the lion's lair,
    where nothing's steep
    But set in phrases, ...
  • The London Eye

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » White poetry
    Some day I will understand
    how you treated me...
    Was it wrong? Was it right?
    Was it really thee?
    I can't hold on to empty words, ...
  • Poisoned Walls

    m-hrstv (Милен Христов) m-hrstv
    Poetry » White poetry
    Another day -
    Another wish to fade away.
    So take your pills and feel the warmth,
    Your lake is smouldering
    And now you're gone... ...
  • Rainy

    siana77 (Сиана Петкова) siana77
    Poetry » White poetry
    Deep in my soul rainy drops are falling.
    Deep in the broken heart - there is a sorrow.
    How many tears I have cried for you -
    my lonely nights covered the pain
    with ash and blue. ...

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