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True self - trapped in the depths, veiled and unseen, 

yet unwillingly, without one's intent. 

Lacking the tools to make its way out, 

forced to keep it concealed. 


Intense and immense, power unmeasured, 

but the external reflection left completely benumb'd.

The truth is seeked, it's loudly called-out, 

and she longs to be finally released,

it's tiresome, it's dread, 

mentally imprisoned in her own physical self. 


Now these chains played it roughly... 

blocking any potential way in. 

And that one heart, so tender and warm... 

as if driven by some outer force, she simply kicked away. 

As if the cycle never gets broken,

now finally - guilt and terror stepped in her way. 

© Losie Calp All rights reserved.

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