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I feel lost.

It's like I'm 



an endless maze.

And in me 

there's a ghost.

I can't even

recognize my



I looked 

into a mirror.

There are 

so many doors

but they're 

locked, I can't

find keys.

Angels and

demons are 

flying but

finally - neither.

Hope to

see the lights 

at least.


I feel lost.

It's like 

I swim in 

an endless 

dark sea.

I wonder 

what happens

inside my soul.


a whole storm

in me.

I am not the

same person



I looked

in the


My heart's



is losing

its colour.

There are 

so many 


signs that 

I can't deal

with reading.



I still believe that

my love will save me.

And now I'm walking

on the road even If

I feel so lost that my eyes

are closed, there's no need

to blame me.

However, my heart always

shows me the right direction.

Even If I am so lost that I feel

like I have no protection...

from the monsters and the

shadows, and the demons

that are chasing me every

moment, the darkness is

my enemy but I won't let him

destroy my energy.

© Майчето All rights reserved.

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