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Survival forgives any crime 

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Survival forgives any crime


Empire of sin and despair

is crushing a million hearts.

Few chosen are feasting out there

from fear and rage of the crowd.



In this swarm of madness and horror

Defeated and captured I drown.

Ones I was a lord – now I’m no one

deprived of my honor and crown.



Survival gives.

Survival forgives.

Survival forgives any crime.



The system is smashing my spirit

to self-preservation instinct .

There’s nothing to wish or to fear

except the desire to kill.



A wound after wound marks my body

then heals in a scar every time.

Like words - they are writing my story.

Survival forgives any crime.



Survival gives.

Survival forgives.

Survival forgives any crime.



My name is the worst of all curses.

The sword in my hands is unclean.

For bloodshed is bringing no justice

but pleasure and fun for the mean.

© Яким Дянков All rights reserved.

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  • Благодаря Валя, радвам се че текстът ти е харесал. Все още няма музика, но е писан по поръчка за един композитор, така че някой ден ще има.
  • Яким, аз съм сериозно впечатлена. Петичка и отива в любими. Има ли си музика този текст. От това може да страхотна песен. Това е първото английско произведение, което срещам и ми харесва... Освен моите разбира се. Браво! Поздравления!
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