Name Николай Тодоров
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Заспивам, виждам те и ме боли,
защото съм захвърлен в кошмар от безнадеждни мечти.
На едно място не мога да стоя,
сърцето ми ми заповядва след тебе да вървя.
Животът ми е сянка, а ти бе светлина, ...
A chill settles upon the land
But do not let it into your heart,
Do not let your life become bland,
Do not let us grow apart.
A chill settles upon the land ...
I go to sleep late at night
I cuddle you to sleep in my arms.
There is something magical in this sight
And there is nothing disturbing, nothing that alarms
My mind that something could ever go wrong ...
I opened my eyes and I saw a rose,
red and warm, but I did not care.
I turned around, and saw brownish fields
with bitter blowing winds and yellow mists… ...
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