Никога не спирай да обичаш, Никога не спирай да вярваш, Никога не спирай да следваш мечтите си... И никога не се отказвай!
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Bleeding Love
Closed off from love
I didn't need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain ...
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Да плача
Не съм от тези, чиито сърца разбиват.
Не съм от тези, които се разтройват и плачат,
защото никога не разкривам сърцето си.
Никога не ме е боляло да казвам ‘сбогом'. ...
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We Made It
[Chester Bennington]
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall
[Busta Rhymes:] ...
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New blood joins this earth
And quickly he's subdued
Through constant pain disgrace
The young boy learns their rules
With time the child draws in ...
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"Your Love Is A Lie"
I fall asleep by the telephone
It's 2 O'clock and I'm waiting up alone
Tell me where have you been?
I found a note with another name ...
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