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In The Dark
I'm from where the magic is
I'll give you what I cannot take away with me
And the sunlit day and moon
I wanna have a silent kiss, I wanna make you mine, ...
He was a wizard of a thousand kings
And I chanced to meet him one night wondering
He told me tales and he drank my wine
Me and my magic man kinda feeling fine ...
Моята принцеса
Que milagro tiene que pasar para que me ames
Que estrella del cielo ha de caer para poderte convencer
Que no sienta mi alma sola
Quiero escaparme de este eterno anochecer... ...
Maybe I, maybe you
Maybe I, maybe you
Can make a change to the world
We're reaching out for a soul
That's kind of lost in the dark ...
Cuando duermes y adivino lo que sueñas,
Cuando lejos de nuestra cama sea en mí quien piensas,
Recuérdame, ...
You Sang to me
i just wanted you to comfort me
when i called you late last night you see
i was fallin' into love
yes, i was crashin' into love ...
Soul Society
If my soul could revive
From my carnal remains
What does it matter to me
If it all fades to black ...
Stranded on a shore of no light
The waves brings me sorrow
and with a vision of past in my mind
All I crave is to see you back in life
I call your name ...
Let Me Sign
Here I lie, broken tree
Her hands are all twisted,
She's pointing at me ...
Hope is , personified
At her feet the world, hypnotized
A million flashes, A million smiles
And on the catwalk she flies in style ...
Coast to coast
You look out that window
For someone you know
But it all looks the same and time and again
It hurts you so ...
Ghost Love Score (Once)
We used to swim the same moonlight waters
Oceans away from the wakeful day
- My fall will be for you -
My fall will be for you ...
Find Me Here
Speak To Me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you ...
10 Black Roses
Life is like a boat in a bottle,
Try to sail you cant with no air,
Day by day it only gets harder,
Try to scream but nobody cares, ...
When You Look Me In The Eyes
If the heart is always searching,
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone,
I'll never make it on my own. ...
Gotta Find You
Everytime I think I'm closer to the heart
Of what it means to know just who I am
I think I've finally found a better place to start
But no one ever seems to understand ...
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Oceans Of Time
I see you turning, turning away
And we're ready to leave, to the bridges of sin yeah
Seven wonders, we are ready to fly
Like an eagle, we're touching the sky ...
Falling Tears
She's gone now
And the memory starts to fade
I'm holding, holding on to yesterday
Without your love my heart is empty ...
Solo por ti
Dime qué haría de mis días,
quien soñaría si no estas
Cómo podría respirar el aire,lejos de ti.
Cuando no estas aquí ...
"Never Too Late"
This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don't belong
Who would have guessed it ...
* Don Mclean написал песента, вдъхновен от книга за живота на Винсент ван Гог и я посветил на картината му 'Звездна нощ'
"Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)"
Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and grey ...
There's a face that we wear
In the cold light of day -
It's society's mask,
It's society's way, ...
Hold Back The Night
I've been looking for an answer in the sky
Can you hear me? 'Cos I need a reason why
I think I'm in trouble, with my heart out on my sleeve
So I'm calling, 'cos I need her as I live and breathe ...
Miles away
So this is love or so you tell me
As you're walkin' out the door
The months go by and I know for certain
It's not the love I'm looking for ...
Hey little girl, it's not that bad,
I said some things I know I shouldn't have
But they're just the careless words of a jealous man
Hey little girl, can't you see ...
You're the Only Place
Seems like our love is on the road to nowhere fast
All my life I thought a love like this would last
But every road can hide a corner we can't see
I had a vision that I woke up by your side ...
We Made It
[Chester Bennington]
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall
[Busta Rhymes:] ...
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The Way
Here I lay in candlelight
I'm drenched in shadows
I need a way to get it right
I lost my halo ...
"Say Goodbye"
Things are changing
It seems strange and
I need to figure this out
You've got your life ...
Bullet With Your Name
As we're sitting here stareing each other down
you open up your mouth let your lies spew out
what are we doing here its wrong cant you see
you wanna leave me here, and forget about me ...
Like A Child Again
I'm not scared anymore
I'm not scared of the dark when I sleep with you, with you
And i'm feeling alive
And i'm feeling strong again when I'm with you, with you ...
I Love You
Can't you see, my darling
but the harder I try the more we grow apart
please believe me
the sweeter the kiss, the colder turn your arms ...
I wont forget you
Late at night I close my eyes
And think how things coulda been
And when I look back
I remember some words you had said to me ...
Save me
Again I close my eyes
‘cause I'm tired to see
That I'm loosing my prime
My actions feed your lies ...
I lost track of good sense cause I never
Learned when to stop
And somewhere along the way I dragged you
Into this mess
I chose to fight but I lost ...
Crying In The Rain
A black cat moans
When hes burning with the fever
A stray dog howls
When hes lonely in the night ...
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"The Mixed Tape"
This is morning
That's when I spend the most time
Thinking 'bout what I've given up
This is a warning ...
What u Give u get Back
What you give, you get back
As long as I can think I've been
Running to be free
There's not a place that ...
Warriors Of The World (United)
Here our soldiers stand from all around the world
Waiting in a line to hear the battle cry
All are gathered here, victory is near
The sound will fill the hall, bringing power to us all ...
[Intro - T-Pain]
Let me talk to 'em
Let me talk to 'em ...
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