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Living to the fullest expression of Being,

Entwined with Death in meaning,

Glimpsing the phenomena of potential,

Surfing on a spiral inferential

With wings not yet manifest,

For the artist, there is no rest.


Caught in the web of Becoming,

Through the Infinite spanning,

Echoing in crystal halls,

Between ten thousand walls,

Welling up from deepest Dream,

All is not what it would seem.


Soaring between Heaven and Hell,

Among the Risen and the Fell,

Crossing borders of imagination,

Going into and beyond temptation,

Lording over ash and dust

In realms of broken Trust.


Shining Truth into the dark,

Igniting Chaos with a spark,

Speaking Order into Existence,

Climbing the mountain of persistence,

The bottom and the top converge,

The greatest Heroes emerge.

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Phenomenology meets poetry, hence Phenomenometry 

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