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The Violent Awakening (Revised) 

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Broken chains and echoing screams,
endless pieces of scattered dreams
haunt the mind of the observer,
who must now become a preserver.

As paradise is smothered in ash,
the soul and mind begin to clash.
As death and destruction reign supreme
the horizon sinks oblique and obscene.

There are those so bloody few
who see the future deathly true.
Those who prepare and warn the world
have their words into the darkness hurled.


As the blood of innocents overflows the  streets,
and the wise annihilated like pesky weeds,
the tyrants rise in the chaos unseen
with endless hatred without and within.


All this can be averted in due time,
the course of civilization made fine.
Such a task demands knowledge and wisdom - 
the sharpening of the collective prism.


There are those who are astute observers
in their speech the status quo disturbers -
when it has become hopelessly corrupt
its wretched course they must with skill disrupt. 


The many must open their eyes in turn
for there is no fruitful painless return
from a world that is surely bound to burn -
from history it has everything to learn.


The greatest obstacle is to confront 
the evil within you and that in front. 
One can only grow wiser and stronger
when one wishes to be weak no longer. 


Strength is in mind, body and spirit as one 
and built by many a courageous deed done.
Acceptance of suffering to all innate
and of responsibility reveals fate.

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What is this world's fate? 

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  • Долавям стремеж към коригиране и усъвършенстване на естетиката, което е прекрасно, тъй като усърдното отношение към благозвучието и елегантността, чрез които изразяваш себе си в поезията, ще ти докаже своята плодотворност, а тя е пристрастяваща...Влюбването ти в нея ще доведе до търсенето ѝ във всяко следващо стихотворение. Единствено пламенната нетърпеливост е в състояние да възпрепятства възходящото ти движение към заветните цели.
    Моята препоръка е да дариш финалната си строфа с грижовна доза внимание, трансформирайки я в убедителна, завладяваща и красноречива кулминация, изразяваща отчетлива позиция.
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