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War is hell 

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The sky turned black with arrows,

bombs fell like meteor showers.

The evil will rise from the shadows

with the dying breath of the old powers.


In times of murderous madness and chaos

only tyrants can bring order to the land,

soaked with the blood of moral and Deus –

the purifying flame all will brand!


Rivers of blood and cities of bone,

shattered minds and sunken hearts –

left with an empty ashen throne,

the land breaking further into parts.


The longer-lasting the tenuous peace,

the more ravaging the ensuing conflict –

for the dreams of Utopia will never cease

and graven wounds on the soul of the world inflict!


Think in terms of Darwin’s evolution –

of a gradual natural progression of life,

not the naïve zealous revolution –

into chaos, death and destruction a dive!


The fundamental human unit is not any group,

but the individual who speaks their truth

in the face of pain and prosecution,

for silence is the soul’s dissolution!

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