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Looking up in the sky trying to hold on all my tears falling down when the dark blue sky awakens for a burning shine.
It's all therein, every star reminding me of your eyes,
me realising how long has gone since my heart has been about to а beam of light ,
Rain or shine ...
...when the mind stretches to perceive beyond them,
the nuances of existence undermine my very foundation...
...as time passes the boundaries are closing in;
I'm stretching thin
between all the concepts and notions... ...
The spark... The inspiration is a mystery woman.
The femme fatale.
She wants to be rescued.
She wants to conquer
and be conquered. ...
The rib cage prisoner is digging his way out in perfect darkness... to meet deliverance at the hands of some Aztec god... who promised an ascent to celestial light and warmth. Hence, scars become unsealed and wounds awakened from their ancient slumber to breathe anew, true colors revealed by gradual ...
Path of coexistence
Edge of a razor blade
An impossible journey
The blood drop is split in two
to explore both planes, ...
A feeling of incomplete awakening
where sleep has not set in before.
A glimpse of another time and space.
Calm primordial darkness
pervading unity, ...
Hope is...
Her, in the mind's eye
Dancing barefoot
On a carpet of broken glass
Of reality's mirror ...
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