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  • Прозрения от дъното на живота

    dreamsinrhymes (dreamsinrhymes) dreamsinrhymes
    Essays » Phylosophy
    Свързвах дълго време смъртта с ужасния образ на съсухрена старица, грабнала коса и готова да сече. Но ти ми показа, че не е точно така. Смъртта е равна на раздяла с близките. И тъга, която се настанява трайно в дните им. Това стана и с мен...
    Смъртта е неразбрана и неясна. Всичко казано и доказано з ...
  • The problem of definitions, part 1

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Essays » Social, Phylosophy, Citizen, Personal
    1. The problem of definitions
    There is an issue that arises in almost every serious conversation – the divergent meanings of terms. This is an especially pernicious issue in philosophical discourse – so many schools of thought, so many different frameworks, axioms, metaphysics and epistemologies. Fa ...
  • Decoupling the concept of love from romanticism

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Essays » Love, Phylosophy
    When you think of the word ‘love’ what comes to mind first is the idea of romantic love as expressed in art, literature, music and everyday life. For the majority of people, there are two types of love other than that of the romantic variety – that for friends and that for family. The goal of this e ...   724 
  • A world of shiny trash and plastic personalities

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Essays » Social, Phylosophy
    It is the year 2016 and the world is going insane in so many directions in my opinion, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, if you are living in a city (which is most likely) all you need to do is look around at the ever increasing level of polish, coloration, lights and outright lies an ...   679 
  • The fine act of balancing between order and chaos

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Essays » Phylosophy
    Life is full of uncertainties and unknowns that the most intelligent and the wisest of use are completely powerless to foresee or prepare for and that no amount of computing power would be sufficient to neatly order everything into one concise picture that could be predictive of every element of fut ...   623 

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