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Дъ Уикенд - Рай или Лас Вегас
I'm paying for all my father's sins
So I'mma thank him for you
I'mma thank him for you
My serotonin's gone a while ago ...
Shots of the Henny, bottles of Patron
Blunts to your face, you don't wanna sing no more
Lost your C notes
Cabbed all day, took the bus back home
Evictions on your door ...
It's ideal, oh
You need someone to tell you how to feel
And you think your happiness is real
There's so much more the world has to reveal
But you choose to be concealed ...
Yeah (For your eyes)
For your eyes only (For your eyes)
For your eyes only, for your eyes only
(For your eyes, for your eyes)
For your eyes only ...
I'm good, I'm good, I'm great
Know it's been a while, now I'm mixing up the drank
I just need a girl who gon' really understand
I just need a girl who gon' really understand
I'm good, I'm good, I'm great ...
Yeah, caged bird
Something like a caged bird
Caged bird
Yeah, look
You ain't a man till you stop chasing your friends, my nigga ...
If, all I could say is if
Promise me you won't regret me like the tattoos on my skin
Let the wrong path come to me
One day I'm hoping that you will remember me
When you fuck them, you'll see my face ...
Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday
Got your girl in the cut and she choosey
Club goin' up, on a Tuesday
Got your girl in the cut and she choosey
Club goin' up, on a Tuesday ...
First things first; Rest In Peace Uncle Phil, for real
You the only father that I ever knew
I get my bitch pregnant, I'mma be a better you
Prophesies that I made way back in the Ville, fulfilled
Listen even back when we was broke my team ill ...
Art of seduction
Hoes jump like Vince Carter backstage like they a part of production
We talked about her dreams you gotta start off with somethin'
Her momma went to college but yet her father was hustlin'
Found it funny cuz now they daughter is stuck in ...
Pussy my passion, never been a fan of flashing
Probably cause I never could, said if I had it, never would
Then I got my first little taste of paper
And I splurged, I guess it's just the nigga urge
This is The Boondocks ...
I grew up, a fucking screw up
Tie my shoe up, wish they was newer
Damn, need something newer
In love with the baddest girl in the city, I wish I knew her
I wish I won't so shy, I wish I was a bit more fly ...
Love yourz
Love yourz
No such thing
No such thing as a life that's better than yours
No such thing as a life that's better than yours ...
Been on another level since you came, no more pain
You look into my eyes, you can't recognize my face
You're in my world now, you can stay, you can stay
But you belong to me, you belong to me
If it hurts to breathe, open the window ...
I got a brand new place, I think I've seen it twice all year
I can't remember how it looks inside, so you can picture how my life's been
I went from starin' at the same four walls for 21 years
To seein' the whole world in just twelve months
Been gone for so long I might have just found God ...
I'm in the zone this year, it's all fire nigga check my attire
Your worst fear is confirmed, your reign at the top expires this year
No application, I'm hired this year
This a dedication to that bitch who slashed my nigga tires, oh yeah
I knew about you, bitch I knew about you ...
Hey I got a dolla and a dream
But its all a nigga got so its about that green
And im all up in that spot
Yeah the mental state of a young black genius conflicted ...
I seen some cold nights and bloody days
They grab me and bullets spray
They use me wrong so I sing this song til this day
My body is cold steel for real
I was made to kill, that's why they keep me concealed ...
I've been mixin', I've been sippin'
Since I been 20, on that lean, baby girl
I've been poppin', and I've been rollin'
Since I was 17, I've been geekin' on that water
I want you, now now ...
When the days, change
So does my attitude
I'm messy at home
I ate a lot of junk food
When the nights, change ...
Why you rushing me baby?
It’s only us, alone
I don't want to die tonight baby
So lemme sip this slow
I’ll give you what you called for ...
I tried, you tried, we tried
All of the times that we had together
We should have known nothing last forever
(Can't say we didn't try though, can't say we didn't try,hey)
I tried, you tried, we tried ...
This is for my niggas in the fourth quarter
Just watching that clock tick. Yeah
You said, "at what point do you start seeing bread?
Been out hustling for years, shoe box right under my bed ...
Yeah grew up with killers, I didn't know they was killers
We was just together man, playing Mega-man on Sega man
Your mama loved me to death, she reminded me of Afeni
Yeah real black queen
If I had a genie, ...
Can I holla at you?
Let me holla at you!
Special, never forget the day I met you
We was destined for each other like a, son to his mother
Or a, sister and brother, man this bond is deep ...
[Verse 1: J.Cole]
Yea, keep following me, keep calling me
Yea, yea, yea
Ay, believe in God like the sun up in the sky
Science can tell us how but they can't tell us why ...
Pour up, drank, head shot, drank
Sit down, drank, stand up, drank
Pass out, drank, wake up, drank
Faded, drank, faded, drank
[Verse 1] ...
Yeah, farewell
Hey, farewell
All my niggas farewell
Look, some niggas let their dirt out ...
Seems like I always had crushes on chicks I couldn't have
And then I end up fucking with someone I shouldn't have
See, in my mind, it's like I'm perfect for her, I gotta show her
But sadly, in reality, dog, I don't even know her
But still somehow she got my mind infatuated ...
[Chorus: Andrea Martin]
I only fuck wit'chu, on two occasions
When I'm drunk, when I'm high
I would be broke, if I would be wit'chu
That is why it's fo' one night ...
Let's play the blame game, I love you, more
Let's play the blame game for sure.
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more.
Let's call her names, names, for sure.
I'll call you bitch for short ...
Let us pray
Heavenly Father, hear a nigga down here
Before I go to sleep
Tell me, who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in? ...
Pssst... psssssst... aiyyo
Are you afraid to die, or do you wanna live forever
Tell me, which one?
They wanna bury me, I'm worried -- I'm losin my mind
Look down the barrel of my nine and my vision's blurry ...
I shall not fear no man but God
Though I walk through the valley of death
I shed so many tears (if I should die before I wake)
Please God walk with me (grab a nigga and take me to Heaven)
Back in elementary, I thrived on misery ...
Deuce double-oh nine
Yeah, we gon' bring 'em back to reality right here man
TL, they ain't ready for it ...
Hand me a cigarette DAWG! [inhales]
They got me feelin crazier than a motherfucker
I got Bad Ass in this motherfucker
Makaveli the Don, representin the Outlawz ...
[Krayzie - 2x]
I talk to myself (myself), when there ain't no one to talk to
Ever wonder just what it's like talkin to yourself every night?
Will I ever make it through the day? ...
Time after time, find I question my life
How I went wrong, will it ever be right?
Will I rise? Will I fall? Stand tall
Continue asking, but I'm knowing only God know ...
Shit, tired of gettin shot at
Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested
Niggaz need a spot where WE can kick it
A spot where WE belong, that's just for us
Niggaz ain't gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood ...
[Chorus: Mary J. Blige]
Now if I give you all of me
What'chu gon' give me back?
Your body is callin me
Got me feelin like a fiend on crack ...
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