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Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart
I've been staring at the page
For what seems like days
I guess I put this one off for a while
Did I see a tear fall from your eyes ...
Толкова сладка, толкова прекрасна.
Като кралица на своя трон.
Но никой не знае как се чувства
Аиша, момиче, един ден някой ще те разбере. ...
Break My Fall
Break my fall
I found what is missing inside you
Break my fall
You enter the room ...
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Be Still
Far, away from it all
You and me with no one else around
A brand new start
Is all we need, it's all we need ...
Take That - Rule The World
You light the skies, up above me
A star, so bright, you blind me, yeah
Don't close your eyes
Don't fade away, don't fade away- ...
I keep every tear like an ocean
For every day that my fortune
Kept me from being with you
I cradle your faith that reveals me ...
Hold On To You
(The Calling)
You walked into my world
A beautiful girl
Lost in a movie ...
Beauty And The Beast
Remember the first dance we shared?
Recall the night you melted my uglyness away?
The night you left with a kiss so kind
Only a scent of beauty left behind ...
Tears of Pearls
And we stare each other down
like vicitms in the grind
Probing all the weakness
and hurt still left behind and we cry ...
Where did u go when I woke up you were gone
find someone to replace you I'd never be alone
I sit around so anxious for you to call my phone
she went up to heaven said she be back later on ...
When You Say You Love Me
I've been watching you from afar.
And the way you make your way around the bar.
You laugh like youre really entertained.
And you smile like its your favourite game. ...
Into The Night
Like a gift from the heavens
It was easy to tell
It was love from above
That could save me from hell ...
No one
I just want you close
Where You Can Stay Forever
You Can Be Sure
And It Will Only Get Better ...
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Bad Day
Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
Then tell me your blue skies fade to gray
Then tell me your passion's gone away ...
Angel Eyes (Home And Away)
I pay the price for cheap advice
Sick of leaving in the morning
With the night you gave away
So now I'm gonna take that all that I can get ...
Hey, There Delilah
Plain White T's
hey there delilah
whats it like in new york city
im a thousand miles away ...
This Is The Girl
This is the girl that I want
This is the girl thats gon make me fall in love
Girl I would ride with you
Give up my life for you ...
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Too much, too fast maybe
I don't know where my destiny's taking me
So I'll go wherever it leads me
Too high, too low baby ...
Last Generation
You stopped and left the car
Last thing I can recall
A raging ray of light
Vaporised all this life ...
Long Long Way To Go
You held my hand and then you slipped away
And I may never see your face again
So tell me how to fill the emptiness inside
Without love, what is life? ...
Not like the other girls
No more blame i am destined to keep you save
gotta rescue the flame
gotta rescue the flame in your heart
no more blood, i will be there for you my love ...
Baby Don't Cry
[2Pac + H.E.A.T.]
Baby don't cry, I hope you got your head up {Outlawz}
Even when the road is hard, never give up
Baby don't cry, I hope you got your head up ...
For The Heart I Once Had
Heaven today is far away
To a place I once called home
Heart of a child, one final sigh
As another love goes cold ...
While Your Lips Are Still Red
Sweet little words made for silence
Not talk
Young heart for love
Not heartache ...
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U Got It Bad
When you feel it in your body
You found somebody who makes you change your ways
Like hanging with your crew
Said you act like you're ready ...
Still Standing
I wish you here tonight with me to see the northern lights
I wish you were here tonight with me
I wish I could have you by my side tonight when the sky is burning
I wish I could have you by my side ...
Yo (Excuse me miss)
Whoa Whoa
Do do do do do
Yeah ...
Pretty Girl (The Way)
Pretty girl is suffering,
while he confesses everything
Pretty soon she'll figure out
what his intentions were about ...
This may never start.
We could fall apart.
And I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear. ...
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
How did I ever let you slip away
Never knowing I'd be singing this song some day
And now I'm sinking, sinking to rise no more
Ever since you closed the door ...
Danger zone
lock me up in chains
want to be with me
think you know the score
feel my burning flames ...
Come Take My Hand
I know a place where the sun's always shining,
with lovely flowers around everywhere.
Come take my hand , I'll show you I'll guide you.
I know this place it's deep down inside you. ...
Bye bye baby
At nite I can't seem 2 get no sleep
Addicted 2 indo and hennessee
Lets hit da streets tyme 2 put da vest on
Friday nite and Iнm chillin wit mah baby in ...
Someone That You're With
I reside in 209, you're in 208
You moved in last Friday night,
and I just couldn't wait
So I tried to call across the hall, ...
Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
Well I wanted you
I wanted no one else
I thought it through
I got you to myself ...
The gift
Hold me now I need to feel relief
Like I never wanted anything
I suppose I'll let this go and find a reason I'll hold on to
I'm so ashamed of defeat ...
Don't close your heart
I know how it feels to be on your own
In this cruel world where hearts are bound to turn to stone
Where you are alone
And tired of breathing ...
For You
(Daredevil soundtrack)
I am a vision, I am justice
Never thought that I could love
Living in shadows, faded existence ...
I've been waiting, goin' crazy
I can't sleep when I know you're not around
I've been saving what you're cravin'
Look at my face I'm about to replace ...
Bleed for me
( Daredevil soundtrack)
All I ever wanted
was to be at your service
but now I'm alone ...
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