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We're drifting apart
But I want you to know
Wherever you are I belong
Love's singing our song
But we fail to sing along ...
Have You Ever Needed Someone....
Here I am, I'm in the wrong bed again
It's just a game I just can't win
There you are breathin' soft on my skin
Still you won't let me in ...
Open her eyes,
So as to fall in love with me
Help me to speak,
Bless me words that she will feel, ...
Two Steps Behind
Walk away if you want to
it's ok, if you need to
you can run, but you can never hide
From the shadow that's creeping up beside you ...
I'd die For You
If you could see inside my heart
Then you 'd understand
I'd never mean to hurt you
Baby I'm not that kind of man ...
Love You Like I Do
On my heart I'll bear the shame
No prayer can ease the pain
No one will love you
No one will love you the way I do ...
When it all falls down
Heaven's in your eyes
And it's begging me to lie
You're waiting for, a little more
Of those words you want to hear, but ...
Tell Her
I know how it feels
To wake up without her
Lying here all alone
Just thinking about her ...
More than anyone
You need a friend
I'll be around
Don't let this end
Before I see you again ...
Before It's Too Late
I wonder through fiction to look for the truth
Buried beneath all the lies
And I stood at a distance
To feel who you are ...
Feeling like this could only mean
I'm sinking.
Feeling like this could only mean
I'm sinking. ...
I will be there
Always waiting
Waiting for you
To let me inside ...
I've been thinking about you, my love
And all the crazy things that you put me through
Now I'm coming around, throwing it back to you
Were you think of me, when you kissed him ...
In love and lonely
In love and lonely
In love and lonely
I'm not with you my baby
Just to see you cry ...
Within Temptation - It's the Fear
I waits for the day I will let it out.
To give it a reason, to give its might.
I fear who I am becoming,
I feel that I am losing the struggle within. ...
Heal me
This is something I cant hide
Cant throw it away
This is something I cant fake
They know youre away ...
Goodbye Beautiful Day
Time just withers away
Stealing day after day
The moon calls, the night falls
Goodbye beautiful day ...
Club 8 - Love in December
so this is love
in the end of december
quiet nights
quiet stars ...
Keep Me Close
Look at me, I'm so far away
Out of the way of rain
Far from the pain, yeah
And if you see me in your dreams ...
Over You
Now that it's all said and done,
I can't believe you were the one
To build me up and tear me down,
Like an old abandoned house. ...
Will you listen to my story?
It'll just be a minute,
How can I explain?
Whatever happened, dear, I never meant to hurt you, ...
Dreams Come True
Never thought I feel again,
feel the darkness fade and see the morning sun arise
Never thought I feel alive again,
senses dull and blunt from all the lies ...
Missing You
Everytime I think of you
I always catch my breath
And I'm still standing here
And you're miles away ...
F F F Falling
I don't go to school every Monday.I've got my reason to sleep.
Don't you tell me how I should be.
I made up my mind about the music. ...
I go liquid when you come around
And I know
I go solid but don't get me wrong
Yes i go ...
Make Me Better
[CHORUS (Ne-Yo):]
I'm a movement by myself.
But I'm a force when we're together.
Mami I'm good all by myself. ...
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Billy Joel - River Of Dreams
In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To a river so deep ...
Where'd you go?
Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone. ...
Hand Of Blood
There goes my valentine again,
Soaked in red for what she said,
And now she's gone.
Oh my god have I done it again, ...
When Did Your Heart Go Missing
Love don't come so easily
This doesn't have to end in tragedy
I have you and you have me
We're one and a million why can't you see ...
You woke up to hate your life again
Feeling it's all been said and seen today
Woke up to fake your smile again
You're not the one; you're not the one ...
I think I should go and leave you alone, yeah
Stop this game and hang up the phone, and more
I should go into the night alone, get inside of this cyclone
It's like I wanted to break my bones to get over you ...
4 Words (To Choke Upon)
Betrayed one more time
But somehwere down that line
You're gonna get what's coming to you
(look at me now),look at me now (look at me now) ...
The Rasmus - No Fear
You lived your life like a sleeping swan
Your time has come
To go deeper ...
Fall Out Boy "Thanks For The Memories"
I'm gonna make you bend and break
(It sends you to me without wait)
Say a prayer but let the good times roll
In case God doesn't show ...
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* КРИПТОНИТ е веществото което отслабва силата на Супермен
My Kryptonite
I took a walk around the world to
Ease my troubled mind
I left my body laying somewhere ...
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