38 резултата
My condolences
I'll shed a tear with your family
I'll open a bottle up
Pour a little bit out in your memory
I'll be at the wake dressed in all black ...
My friends don't walk, they run
Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun
Poppin', poppin' balloons with guns
Getting high off helium
We paint white roses red ...
Mon amour, mon amour
Rappelle-toi nos souvenirs
On était libre, on était libre
On avait toute la vie
Chaque jour, chaque jour ...
It's getting dark and I'm lost in the woods
I'd find a way out if I knew where to look
If I could, I'd rip this page out of my book
I'm confused and misguided,
And my faith is beside me ...
(Легендата за крал Артур - До някой друг)
Je plie sous le poids
De la douleur tenace
Qui broie mon âme sans merci
Je prie sans la foi ...
Tal - Tombé du ciel
(Tal - Паднал от небето)
Près de ton âme, je me sens
Loin de ce monde différent de nous
Attirée comme un aimant ...
Kamelot - Liar liar
Would you pray if said you were dying
Would you be a little stronger
Or fall down on your knees
Would you stay with me ...
Daniel Lavoie – Icare
Le roi Minos refusa d`immoler
un jeune taureau promis
A Poséidon dieu des poissons
Le dieu irrité se vengea sur l`épouse ...
Tu es mon âme et je te crois
Quand des marteaux tonnent sur toi
Leurs accords hauts comme des flammes
Brûlent au bout de mes doigts de femme
Tu prends mon corps et son émoi ...
Avant, quand je partais, je lançais un "bye bye"
Comme on lance un sac dans une soute à bagages.
Un peu de courage et, le lendemain matin,
J´étais déjà loin,
Si loin. ...
C´est un mot qu´on dirait inventé pour elle
Quand elle danse et qu´elle met son corps à jour, tel
Un oiseau qui étend ses ailes pour s´envoler ...
Serenity - Наследството на Тюдорите
In a world of constant cruelty
Art and pleasure comfort all my senses
Game of thrones leading humanity
To lose the meaning of its existence ...
Zaho - Райска Градина
Je te jure,
Le monde est injuste et ses couleurs blêmes.
Je veux fuir
Mais loin de tes lèvres je manque d'oxygène ...
I'm glad we're talking face to face
You know i've got a job to do
And i expect some help from you, too
Soon you'll call them in to torture me
Why do you need this privacy? ...
Zaho - Dima
Toi qui me croyait vide et sans coeur
Ton visage je le connais par coeur
Je n'ai pas osé car j'ai eu peur
De le dire m'aurait porté malheur ...
Muse - Неразкрити копнежи
I know you've suffered
But I don't want you to hide
It's cold and loveless
I won't let you be denied ...
yet a day is dawning
I am sad but also strong
this gift that I've been given
tells me where I do belong
falling I'm falling down ...
Sabaton - Да живее Краля
Dreams are seldom shattered, by a bullet in the dark.
Rulers come and rulers go, will our kingdom fall apart?
Who shall we now turn to, when our leaders lost their heart?
Lives are lost but at what cost, will the grand dream fall apart? ...
Delain - We are the others
Ние сме другите
I'm walking with Sophie tonight
She lives in the air that I breathe
I can't get it out of my mind ...
Cette nuit
Intenable insomnie
La folie me guette
Je suis ce que je fuis
Je subis ...
Mais d'où vient
L'émotion étrange
Qui me fascine
Autant qu'elle me dérange
Je frissonne poignardé par le beau ...
Ayreon - The Castle Hall / Ейриън - Залата на двореца
At last! You enter the Electric Castle! Here in this vast hall where even shadows fear the
light - here you must confront your past. If you have killed, beware of the Gathering of Spirits for they do fish for men. Here, the disembodied Astral Wor ...
The Mirror - Огледалото
Maybe your grace is blinding
and your eyes can break any heart;
but what the mirror can't show you,
you can never leave behind. ...
Day 10: Memories - Ден десети: Спомени
[Best Friend] It's been 10 days
It shouldn't last this long
The doctors' mystified
Nothing's physically wrong... ...
Въздухът беше студен в нощта когато избягах,
очите ти бяха повече отколкото можех да понеса;
тичах толкова бързо, тичах като луд,
но все още не можех да се спася…
Картините са още запечатани в съзнанието ми: ...
What's a miracle, if life itself is not?
Who am I to praise his worth with a hymn?
I may stumble over words that I forgot,
Just as life itself will slowly begin.
Sing me a song for the mountains to move, ...
Първо плъзнаха слухове,
че хора умират бързо
и изгарянето на техните тела,
заразява всички накрая.
Няма смисъл да се криеш, когато напастта мине ...
Камелот - Зодиакът
Tя бе толкоз мила с мен,
изпя ми нейната тъмна песен.
А аз не можах да й устоя,
горчива кръв ...
MaYaN - Oпората на обществото
Измамата е пътят към господството,
бъди смел където другите не смеят.
ние просто молим за твоята лоялност,
по любезен и мил начин. ...
I never count on yesterday
Because the past can also change
I'll never give myself away
Life is worthwhile on the edge
Words sound so hollow in the cold ...
Ce n'est qu'une larme,juste un reste du passé,
Dont je m'éloigne,mais qui ne cesse de me hanter,
Ce n'est qu'une larme, qui entaille mes pensées,
Je retrouve mon âme ton regard me donne envie d'avancer,
Eh eh oh oh Laisse moi l'oublier ...
I'm here again
A thousand miles away from you
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own ...
We are uninvited guests
In this melancholy world
And soon you learn
That the only thing worth to treasure,
Are the people that actually care ...
The words have been drained from this pencil
Sweet words that I want to give you
And I can't sleep
I need to tell you
Goodnight ...
Sonic Syndicate FLASHBACK
Sands of time stream through my fingers
Chasing lost days of a dead dream
And I don't care if we loose it all tonight Cause I'm not sure anymore if it ever happened
It feels so unreal ...
30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill
What if I wanted to break
Laugh it all off in your face
What would you do?
What if I fell to the floor ...
"A Modern Myth"
Did we create a modern myth
Did we imagine half of it
What happened then, a thought for now
Save yourself ...