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When daily I heed up to those hills,
I hear, every time I bleed, these birds:
The Ravens. The ones that scream the cries.
The ones that we cannot seek with eyes…
But with the pain… they come to stay besides ...
Ladybug searching around,
black dots need to be found,
lost them dancing, in night very merry.
Now red like strawberry
she cries for her old dress. ...
How do you look for love,
Search for love,
When you’re always waiting
The best thing…?
Sometimes it will be hard ...
As the day turns into a night, it is a fight!
It is a time, when you hide, lacked of the light – when I kill…
It is a time, when you cannot step up - to see through…
But No, I’ve gotta go deeper, gotta find the cure –
In search for adventure, searching for you! ...
I’ve changed for you… and died for you – for nothing!
But the damage isn’t for the cost, but for the sacred…
Unlike you… I am not defeated!
Unlike you… I can stop this feeling…
I’m not the child I used to be ...
Say it. They are just three words.
Come on. Get your courage. Say it first.
Say it. You know me so long,
it’s unthinkable to get you wrong.
Say it. I know you feel it anyway. ...
She has the grace of a swan.
However, she is not alone!
Even if I had met her before
I’d wish for nothing more…
She is my classmate - and friend! ...
When you get light and might together -
There it goes a flame of lightnings in the weather.
When you get a life longer than your soul,
You will see that there isn't too much to know
Everything you need to do, is so untrue for us! ...
They say that love is never too late
And they believe that it can await...
And I can (but only for you!)
for I need a friend (just like you)!
But now, you're somehow away ...
I'm here now alone and free
but I hope you think of me
with the pain I left behind
and the revenge in your mind.
Memories are rushing thru ...
So close and so far away
From all the dreams and the reality
We go, we fade to the grey
To form a new identity!
How did I forget you all, ...
Another day
Withered tune
Smiling faces
Cheap perfume
Best of luck ...
As the candle slowly burns
And the day turns… into a night
Clouds gather ‘round in the rain
As the cries wipe out the light!
… ...
He was just starting to undress
When she walked into the room
With an open part of his chest
She understood what meant the groom…
… ...
Cool shimmering light lingers around.
Leaves of the autumn break the sound.
(And) Only the whispers can be heard,
Untangled from the common word...
As I see the gathering clouds, ...
Every day I fade away…
I Sink… and disappear…
I blink for the laughter!
As the day slowly fades to grey…
Dreaming of a world without ...
A distant place is featured in my head,
my mind… But is it playing another game?
Every time that I forget it’s not dead,
my head plays it… again, again and again!
A distant face of an old friend I see. ...
The jury’s out
Cold, stone-like faces with eyes like marbles
And lip-gloss smiles under fake eyelashes
And a book of labels for everyone
Slag or frigid ...
For those of you who never understand
and never face the different culture,
must say, you living at the end,
and staying there will be fortune!
For those of you who never been ...
I am imprisoned in the stupid town.
Obsessed of rage I start to suck my fingers.
Malicious cars and pavements pull me down
With frowned expressions - straight to the abyss.
And there’s a chaos, clatter, bloody roar. ...
You say you don't believe in God
But why my love when you're an angel in your blood
You are my message from the skies above
you are my reason to believe again.
And from the moment that you touched my hand ...
Look for me inside you
Search my face behind you
Don’t be afraid of the truth!
Look for me in the mirror
Where you’ll see my hair silver ...
The Distance
Even faraway is nice to dream.
To look forward to something.
Keeps you going up the stream.
Keeps you truly loving. ...
The dawn engulfs the morning.
The darkness rests in peace..
A lonely wolf is somewhere howling,
defying the insidious abyss…
His howl is soft as thunder ...
Everything I used to say
used to think,
used to pray...
Is now far away!
Nothing can escape the pain ...
Sleepless nights leave me alone!
Let me rest for a while.
Sleepless nights go away,
Leave my soul in peace.
Sleepless nights leave me alone! ...
but a whimsical and nowhere bound play with the melody of words.
A gentle wind(ow) whispers in despair
That losing you could only be compared
To losing sight of all the joyful streets ...
Ones upon a time someone died.
That one was me, so count to three.
You can see the rain, you can smell the pain.
Close your eyes and ignorе the lies.
Darkness fills the skies, old man talking wise. ...
My feelings are like fire
and I not be a liar,
you're my desire!
Do not be afraid
my very dear, ...
A Choice
(in broken English, the only in my possession...)
I chose to fight with darkness,
in blood and eyes, and thoughts - no end.
I chose to keep my essence, ...
For you I dreamed, but I didn’t
know that you are coming as unexpected dream
as the sea embraced the coast
in may when the sun is strong and heavy
For you I told a story on my heart ...
You are the rose in my garden,
you are the luck in my cards.
You are the stimulus of my feelings,
you are the heart with which I feel.
You are the most beautiful in my dreams, ...
I breathe, but I don't feel alive.
I cry and my tears are cold.
I die, but you can't see my blood.
Evil demons eat me inside.
I'm so ashamed. ...
Requiem for today
The shirt of a beggar
is worn out and muddy.
The rain is transparent.
It’s raining since Sunday. ...
A single tear in your eyes
Is dried before the dropping down the ground.
Oh, tell me why your soul is paralyzed
When knifes are cutting it without a sound?
Don’t tell me why it hurts, just cry. ...
I can't stop fall, betrayed from my mind.
I'm trying hard with my all, not to be blind.
I'm tired to feel like this - so fooled, so lost.
I know there's something I miss,
but sometimes you gotta get crossed. ...
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