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My feelings are like fire
and I not be a liar,
you're my desire!
Do not be afraid
my very dear, ...
A Choice
(in broken English, the only in my possession...)
I chose to fight with darkness,
in blood and eyes, and thoughts - no end.
I chose to keep my essence, ...
For you I dreamed, but I didn’t
know that you are coming as unexpected dream
as the sea embraced the coast
in may when the sun is strong and heavy
For you I told a story on my heart ...
You are the rose in my garden,
you are the luck in my cards.
You are the stimulus of my feelings,
you are the heart with which I feel.
You are the most beautiful in my dreams, ...
I breathe, but I don't feel alive.
I cry and my tears are cold.
I die, but you can't see my blood.
Evil demons eat me inside.
I'm so ashamed. ...
Requiem for today
The shirt of a beggar
is worn out and muddy.
The rain is transparent.
It’s raining since Sunday. ...
A single tear in your eyes
Is dried before the dropping down the ground.
Oh, tell me why your soul is paralyzed
When knifes are cutting it without a sound?
Don’t tell me why it hurts, just cry. ...
I can't stop fall, betrayed from my mind.
I'm trying hard with my all, not to be blind.
I'm tired to feel like this - so fooled, so lost.
I know there's something I miss,
but sometimes you gotta get crossed. ...
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