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In this wоrld full of hatred and desires,
we come and we go, we take what we please.
Lets steal from the poor
and give to the rich.
Mother nature is our little bitch ...
I opened my eyes and I saw a rose,
red and warm, but I did not care.
I turned around, and saw brownish fields
with bitter blowing winds and yellow mists… ...
I go to sleep late at night
I cuddle you to sleep in my arms.
There is something magical in this sight
And there is nothing disturbing, nothing that alarms
My mind that something could ever go wrong ...
A chill settles upon the land
But do not let it into your heart,
Do not let your life become bland,
Do not let us grow apart.
A chill settles upon the land ...
I do remember like it was yesterday,
it was so hot, at some lost gas station.
You left the car and went to pay,
I watched your back and dove in imagination.
You were no perfect, not too young, ...
I don't want
to be James Bond.
I don't want
to have his Blonde. ...
Don’t look in the mirror, I know what you seek,
that kid with the future, so clever and brave,
that kid with the bright eyes, that felt so unique,
that wanted the worldand never longed safety.
You’ve never felt safe. The kid is long gone, ...
The fire is burning the tower of gold.
the old throne is fallen, the new throne too bold,
the fortress is yet to become into dust.
The air's getting colder, the flame fills of lust.
Once held onto mountains, and plains in its feet, ...
by night,
just raining
by paint, ...
From my own self you banished me
Took the life right out of my veins
Instead, you gave my soul chains
And brutally ravished me
I am in exile ...
Come and get me. I’m tired
to pretend I have an endless fire.
My hands and my feet are so cold,
in desperate need to be hold.
Come and get me. I can’t ...
How can I fight desire so deep
Your eyes I dream and your smile I seek.
I can't find the words exact
You beauty I can’t say but act
Every day when I see the sun ...
Понякога те искам страшно много,
понякога от тебе ме боли.
Оглеждам се и тръгвам мълчаливо,
но спирам се и бягам пак към теб.
Понякога си моя ангел, ...
You are the only one.
A shining girl like a moon.
And like you is no one.
I hope I'll meet you soon.
I want to be your knight. ...
Now I'm his body and soul
and my heart is no longer own.
He gave me power, he gave me love
and all I can offer is to take my life.
Destiny is hard to explain ...
Nobody can understand
Nobody would listen
To the depths of my own mind
Or the secrets hidden…
So I don’t want you to bother – ...
One wish beyond the living,
one heartless soul that I'm seeing.
A fly to hеaven may be done,
a body in flames may be gone.
An endless wish flies away, ...
The real power inside
is nothing more than the life...
That makes us so much wild
And thus, nothing more than love
is needed... ...
Party with my classmates
Hello, my dear classmates!
Thank you that you are here.
Put a smile on every face,
because the joy is near. ...
Today the Revolution dies,
today the healthy mind begins.
For what was wrong and faulty,
there is no future tense for sins!
I heard it from the grapevine
the Lord himself claims to be
the biggest fish to catch
a shiny fish that spawns
pupils instead of caviar
Да се сбогувам с всички ви не мога,
душата в мигом ще се разруши,
може би до скоро, вместо сбогом,
по-лесно с него да се примирим. ...
I close my eyes, I see it all
I watch the ships coming to shore
I smell the salt. I feel the breeze
Making me tremble and shiver at ease
The dark grey clouds, the icy waves. ...
When the clock strikes the midnight hour
And the flock of ravens sours the hiss
The winter's... poor enough to falter
The ghosts... that reminisce!
*** ...
As if...
The night will never end
two souls to gently mend.
As if...
Everyone will understand ...
"... faith, trust and pixie dust!"
~"Peter Pan", J.M. Barrie
Once upon a time I knew that I could fly.
No big deal, honestly, it wasn’t hard to do.
Think happy thoughts and pixie dust would lift you to the sky. ...
I pine to see you once again,
then I'll stop that hopeless pain.
I see you really abroad,
along my differently linely road.
I still feel your hand, ...
Faded to grey
And into the lake
I await my death
And wait the water’s break
As the wind blows severely ...
I‘ll let my shadow lead me on my way
beyond the sorrow of the dying day.
I’ll let the mirror show me what is true
until I look forward the final cure.
I’ll cross the nightmare just to be reborn ...
When daily I heed up to those hills,
I hear, every time I bleed, these birds:
The Ravens. The ones that scream the cries.
The ones that we cannot seek with eyes…
But with the pain… they come to stay besides ...
Ladybug searching around,
black dots need to be found,
lost them dancing, in night very merry.
Now red like strawberry
she cries for her old dress. ...
How do you look for love,
Search for love,
When you’re always waiting
The best thing…?
Sometimes it will be hard ...
As the day turns into a night, it is a fight!
It is a time, when you hide, lacked of the light – when I kill…
It is a time, when you cannot step up - to see through…
But No, I’ve gotta go deeper, gotta find the cure –
In search for adventure, searching for you! ...
I’ve changed for you… and died for you – for nothing!
But the damage isn’t for the cost, but for the sacred…
Unlike you… I am not defeated!
Unlike you… I can stop this feeling…
I’m not the child I used to be ...
Say it. They are just three words.
Come on. Get your courage. Say it first.
Say it. You know me so long,
it’s unthinkable to get you wrong.
Say it. I know you feel it anyway. ...
She has the grace of a swan.
However, she is not alone!
Even if I had met her before
I’d wish for nothing more…
She is my classmate - and friend! ...
When you get light and might together -
There it goes a flame of lightnings in the weather.
When you get a life longer than your soul,
You will see that there isn't too much to know
Everything you need to do, is so untrue for us! ...
They say that love is never too late
And they believe that it can await...
And I can (but only for you!)
for I need a friend (just like you)!
But now, you're somehow away ...
I'm here now alone and free
but I hope you think of me
with the pain I left behind
and the revenge in your mind.
Memories are rushing thru ...
So close and so far away
From all the dreams and the reality
We go, we fade to the grey
To form a new identity!
How did I forget you all, ...
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