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I breathe, but I don't feel alive.
I cry and my tears are cold.
I die, but you can't see my blood.
Evil demons eat me inside.
I'm so ashamed. ...
Requiem for today
The shirt of a beggar
is worn out and muddy.
The rain is transparent.
It’s raining since Sunday. ...
A single tear in your eyes
Is dried before the dropping down the ground.
Oh, tell me why your soul is paralyzed
When knifes are cutting it without a sound?
Don’t tell me why it hurts, just cry. ...
I can't stop fall, betrayed from my mind.
I'm trying hard with my all, not to be blind.
I'm tired to feel like this - so fooled, so lost.
I know there's something I miss,
but sometimes you gotta get crossed. ...
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