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I shook the hand of nothingness,
pulled out of it the silhouette of afflatus;
opened up and sheltered it
deep within my chest;
and the painting spread beyond the frames; ...
You kiss the bottle
Like a barrel of a gun
You go full throttle
You pull the trigger and you're done
You kiss the bottle ...
The shelter,
The harbor,
The home,
The heartfelt warmth
Weaving through marrow and bone, ...
Have you ever had that feeling
That gets you thinking
Thinking that u're destined
To not follow the path tested
But to write your own chapter ...
in a dream
my arms were wings
that shed one feather
and in your hands
it found its way ...
Through the darkest roads at night
As light feels trapped within the thoughts...
I realized... Love rearranged my light...
It had come from me, from the inside...
I know I have found my peace, ...
Let the feeling shine –
brightly and divine.
Let your heart be mine.
Let me be your wine.
Only you can understand me. ...
Would you stay with me just one more hour..
I hope you will, I'll give you these flowers
Please just make me happy like you used to made me
Give me a kiss because SHE'll come and take me..
Oh yeah, you asking me who is SHE.. ...
Ill close my eyes
You’ll say it again
That thank you note,
That careful chord -
Sonorant voice, ...
I don't know why had written
a poems with: 'you're all',
when I'm just a thorn in your side and
just a servant in your home...
Did I ever got your attention? ...
I've been told
I am a lot
of things -
once a piece of gold,
another - empty pot. ...
Sincerely honest,
we told each other words of
an everything that was lying ...
I left him there
Where blood runs deep
In the lion's lair,
where nothing's steep
But set in phrases, ...
Opaque black orbs of a material unfathomed
Of make and origin transcendent,
In city streets, more labyrinths, they’re shining
but the napless, noxious light can’t make them suns.
In a manner of speaking, they’re dead, ...
All around me died insanely
when they tried to kept me safe
And, so, I now will keep you bravely
know everything, but this was a fate
Whatever ever happens, I know ...
My life a long time
were ended fast for me.
And little sob, and little cry
is that who I now need.
I close my eyes to wait the death, ...
System of doubt
can ruin your life
Not only for me
But the pain inside...
Screaming for someone ...
You were a song across the death
You were a true across the lies
You were: my soul, my eyes, my breath
You were the boy, who taught me how to rise...
You were a ghost, a dream, a wish ...
I'm looking at house with bloody windows-
the home of my mistakes.
Here I'm coming to put a one:
the worst, who ever made.
I'm looking at the lonely garden ...
"It was the night before last night
and I was sitting in my chair,
thinking of the pride,
the pride of the Human nature
and its dreams of Bright ...
People come and gone
like the waves in sea -
higher, higher...down...
No goodbye, no see.
Only queue of foam ...
The stars are far, my queen,
the stars are fading, drifting further.
Their light is dim, my queen,
their light has hardly any ardor.
My queen, your kingdom's growing colder, ...
Killing Time Equals provoking
Somebody's Trust,
somebody's First glance
of acceptance by signing...
A sign of our thoughts ...
I live in hell
Next door to the devil
He’s a good neighbor
And always buys me
And when I’m drunk ...
This is a story of bloodshed and glory.
A tale of a man who defeated the death.
He hit the Empire with holy desire –
to fight for the freedom is freedom itself. ...
In the realm of writhing maggots
Rule the sleeping kings and queens,
Loyal knights and slavish peasants
Give their essence for the kingdom’s wreath.
Wind may sunder stone or mountain ...
Scream! Silence. Mother weep,
The little sailor’s gone forever.
Water. Fury. Drowning. Deep.
The seaman’s essence, lost. A Siren.
The cradle of waves, his home, now feels empty ...
Let us ask you, Mother, these chosen questions,
Most thought over, most mulled, most complex.
For we are yours, even if we are our own fathers,
And only you can banish the fears
that bother, that torment, that vex ...
You make me lose my mind
with your sweet voice.
For the others I'm blind
you were my choice.
I wanna hold you tight, ...
I lie awake most nights, in stupor from the fear
That I am not a man, but beast,
An abomination from a dream.
The darkness not obscuring, it makes things clear,
The merest whisper transformed into a scream. ...
One line to start a painting -
a part of a frame, the person creating...
What we've heard
and what we've listened...
Second line to draw a lining - ...
I was a man before I lost it all
I ran and sang and danced,
The die, however, as I recall
Made of blood and bone, was cast.
The hate for them and theirs was great, a leper of the soul, ...
Did I forget the beauty
of dreaming for love?
No, I never, ever did,
I just found out
that love is dern ...
This life is an attempt at flight
at the hands of the almighty gravity
dragging all existence underground...
Torn between the Earth and sky
we spread across the horizon ...
Connected by wires,
directed by liars,
we live in a web
ignoring the spiders...
All-seeing eyes ...
I don’t have a heart
It’s a bag of pieces
Have you ever
Tried to find
The reason
Why we love?
Is it… ...
There is no now, no present.
Time is but a notion, fiction.
Only change persists eternal.
Only motion ever lasts.
Existence shifting in-between ...
Masks of yesterday
make me feel empty...
I've no words to say
How much pain I've felt!
To think you know ...
We force our way through life
like rockets in the sky.
But in the end we're out of fuel
so who's to fool?
As gravity reclaims it all ...
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