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I don't follow any religion.
I am a freethinker.
I killed myself.
I fall apart and start to breath in pieces.
The heavy air runs into my veins,
It’s hunting down my thoughts and never ceases
To prove the gap between results and aims.
Our worlds can make us incomplete ...
A cloudy day that feels so sleepy,
A dream of beauty and unending love
The sun is gone, the sky is weeping,
Cleaning memories from high above.
Ocean wind, which carries sadness ...
Today's the day you seek, not tomorrow.
There is no future time for you to borrow.
Smile right now through pain and grief
even with empty hands, but a firm belief –
not a blind fool with eyes and ears shut, ...
In the garden stuffed with straw
Was erected scarecrow.
It was gloomy, dull and sad,
It was feeling very bad.
It possessed no charm and glamour ...
As the scales fall from your eyes
and you see the world though its disguise,
waves of terrible emotion emerge
and in a perfect storm they converge.
Your heart goes wild and restless, ...
Some are truly blind to beauty,
others can't possibly fathom duty.
Some can't help but push the borders,
others are bound to issue and follow orders.
The two can rarely find common ground, ...
The glistening leaves in the spring sun –
their miraculous life has just begun.
The songs of birds liven the sky so vast.
How long shall this harmony last?
People madly rushing in all directions, ...
Have you ever thought about life?
Have you ever been alone?
Have you ever been sad?
Like me...
I am the one ...
A Crowd of Feelings
My fears
Wonderful worlds tarry.
Thy eyes
Forget and me trap inside. ...
Broken chains and echoing screams,
endless pieces of scattered dreams
haunt the mind of the observer,
who must now become a staunch preserver.
As paradise is smothered in ash ...
To observe is to perceive,
to unveil those who deceive.
The see the demons within and without,
to discover the weakness of the proud.
I peer into the depths of the ocean ...
Sometimes it's easy,
sometimes I'm busy!
Sometimes it works,
sometimes it sucks!
Sometimes goes right, ...
As you move along your life’s path
toward the future you wish to craft,
there strikes a paradox perplexing –
a dilemma you’re both ignoring and detecting.
If the only certainty is suffering and pain, ...
The hardest things, in life, to handle
are exactly the ones on which
the mind and the heart can't get along...
And the hardest part is the choice we must make:
Is heart more important than mind? ...
Dreams speak to us of wonder,
of worlds you can only ponder,
in an inconceivable distant realm,
which will your senses overwhelm.
When conscious thought subsides, ...
The sky turned black with arrows,
bombs fell like meteor showers.
The evil will rise from the shadows
with the dying breath of the old powers.
In times of murderous madness and chaos ...
Blind me with flowers and sweets
Make me feel like I'm something special
Red roses and fake smiles
But I feel like I'm someone better
Wounds won't stop healing, but I'm okay ...
I'll paint my pain with meaningless words and phrases
I'll set free these doubted wishes
To be set loose one day, to roam this beautiful world
Where pain can be forgiven and happiness not taken away
In this endless road, one thing is that I want ...
I went out this morning,
forgot all the mess and the noise in…
And I thought to myself
You have the sun in your pocket.
At this point you have it.(2)
every grain of sand
is secretly
a polyhedron
that despises science
like every grain of joy ...
All of us are storytellers,
whether to ourselves or our fellows.
Narratives we live and breathe,
some to reveal, some to deceive.
As Shakespeare once wisely said, ...
The memories that I had ever,
now belong to someone else.
In the summer I'm cold. In the winter-tender:
an empty mask, instead of face.
There's no way to break my bones, ...
Music is a phantom and a muse,
it can frighten or amuse.
Music is an illusion so real
you can't help but feel.
It moves you in intricate ways, ...
slowly going crazy
twisted and burnt
two different faces
one charcoal soul
sizzling and blazing ...
flying now erratic circles
I'm the moth who didn't flee
glutinous tongue of careless wind
caught me in a single lick
pulling inexorably into the opening ...
I will tell you a story –
one you’ve heard a thousand times
of loss and pain and glory,
of a myriad of heinous crimes.
All the mythology of ages past. ...
I am not like other men.
I’ve no wish to pretend
to be what women like..
I am on a love strike!
For love is lies and dust ...
poetry has rhythm, it has heart
but only when the writer does his part
emotions flow and emotions go
in the unconscious down below
thought is left so far behind ...
Everyday I'm wondering how
to show you how much I care.
Everyday I search for a way
how to keep you safe.
Because you don't see ...
You make me lose my mind
With your sweet voice
For the others I'm blind
You were my choice
I wanna hold you tight ...
patterns in patterns
emotional chatters
none of it matters
as the mind scatters
instinctive desires ...
Lonely and desperate me
I'm not intending to be
Facing to all of your tasks
Each one of you I should ask
I cannot give explanations ...
Children`s happiness
Torn by the wind!
Motley motionless kite...
In the clutches of uncertain world,
With tears shedding from your lids,
In ages humans bow to gold,
Sleep well you little kids!
Perhaps you didn't reach the coast, ...
Thou lips bring poison and delight.
Thou eyes are brighter than the night.
I can stay to hold your hand.
Until we die, burn crimson, dear.
Thou catch is all I needed of; ...
It was an autumn: like many autumn days,
when I met you roaming through the woods.
It was cold and rainy autumn day,
but to run back at home...
I refused. ...
Don't promise me the Well,
don't promise me the stars.
I don't need of nothing more than
to be with you, while the world collapses.
I drown in your lies and complains,
no more want to see your face.
It's impossible to try to break me,
when already made a space.
The debris are now cliffs and stones, ...
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