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The sin I've committed
I've committed it with you
The sin I've committed
lies between me and you
When I hear the sound of your voice ...
Cut my wings before I'm high
Are you my Daedalus?
We're not mature enough to fly.
I'm not your Icarus.
I'd rather be the liver ...
Separated by thousand miles
What can bring this distance?
Can't see each other smiles
Who knows about this existence?
My heart is yearning for you ...
Two pairs of eyes
Celestial bodies
Two hearts, magnets
Forceful separation
Walls of ice ...
To war!
The queen commands,
Battalions defend at once!
The battleship is pounding on her shores;
and past defensive lines extends ...
Invisible lines and curves
Extend from skin to skin,
In waves, from eyes to eyes
Closing distance faster than light
Is this gravity, ...
I have a face of evil
I'm bound to the hell
You know I'm a true devil
There's no saving spell
I have that beast inside ...
She is the anchor
Of this body
To another world
In colors of eyes
Only felt ...
Everytime i look around you're next to me
And i know you'll aways be
So what's the point in all this mess
If we can't honestly confess
Words just fly out as lies ...
If the people were to only say the truth
Wouldn't they feel more the youth?
If they weren't trying someone to impress
Wouldn't the broken hearts be less?
If they weren't able to say a lie ...
Happy New Year, my friend!
An year more
For me, for you
What I adore
You love it, too. ...
There's nothing I can hear
Even your lovely voice
I'm far from you dear
It wasn't my coice
I fell from the paradise ...
I was praying for rain
Not an ocean
To extinguish the flame
The emotion
But the ocean's waves ...
When something makes me feel bad
I dare to escape
Nothing holds me back,
I can always wait…
And wait… and wait ...
Endless ocean in the sky
Billions of glowing eyes
Watching us
Yet mine
Are locked with yours ...
Another day -
Another wish to fade away.
So take your pills and feel the warmth,
Your lake is smouldering
And now you're gone... ...
Щастливо детство
Аз помня и още обичам
нивята с пшеница и ръж,
босонога и днес да потичам
да ме окъпе пак топлият дъжд. ...
Can you run away from the past?
Can you hide from the future?
Whether the sins from the past
Like demons haunt you in your dreams
And a faint voice whispers ...
Tonight I drink away the pain...
Just me and a bottle of wine...
Another painkiller for a broken heart...
Cigarette in one hand the bottle in the other...
Enjoying the snow storm outside... ...
Waiting for you again
ready to see you
inviting you again
to dance with me
I wanna see your eyes ...
Love from knowing you,
Pain for feeling the same...
(I) let life be what it is.
The mere breath we take is a bliss!
Like you did ...
My sweet November night…
I remember the cold,
and there was no light,
and I was so bold…
My sweet November bliss… ...
It's autumn
And all the leaves are falling
The sky is getting clearer -
no clouds, not a single one
Is flying over - ...
Pure soul, did you exist?
Listen the words of the lonely priest.
Incarnate with inner beauty,
call me with voice like flute!
Wherever you are ...
Damaged dreams.
Perished wings.
Acid beams.
Venom stings.
Burning core - ...
Walking slowly… through the burnt down trees
I sing softly, I sing… a Gothic song in the lees
I can’t really sing, so I imagine everything
The words, the melody and the broken string…
I want to stay here forever ...
I wait for you to come, my dear
my heart is filled with spooky fear;
I try to overcome confusion
that tell me you may be an illusion,
Imagining that you are near, ...
You give me a reason to live...
You give me a chance to survive,
but I can't let you continue to pushing me up!
I've given up...
You gave me a reason to smile ...
I am whisper, I am cry,
I'm the lord of the ancient sky.
I am earth, I am air,
I'm the time's father's heir.
I am fire, I am water, ...
The perfect storm approaches,
pulls the strings, my strings.
I walk a path, light torches.
The storm is what love brings.
A thunder deafens birds momentously, ...
"Why do you, son,
desire, worship and adore
this girl of yours?"
my mother's query bore.
I started with the way ...
Full lips grab attention
the owner really deserves.
A place she'd like to mention
but doesn't have the nerves.
A sushi restaurant in sight, ...
Seven stones wait for me on a Dream Beach...
Seven winds want me running with them...
Seven mermaids will ask: "Where is my sister?"...
I'm the one, who was fraud to forget...
Seven words I will write for a wisdom... ...
Show me something more than what I`ve seen.
Take me to the dаwn of night
The dawn when light is to come bright
Sing to me this song
Оr sing to me another ...
The earlier train
Don't take the earlier train -
wait until day is dawning
look at the beauty of morning,
paint in same colour your brain. ...
Аз не плача - душата ми плаче!
Аз не тъгувам - душата ми тъгува!
Аз не обичам - душата ми обича!
Аз ти подарявам цялата своя душа!
At this moment... I am wearing a dark Goth clothing
Surrounded thought
By air and sorrow!
Why can't I end this now?
Why do I feel beautiful ...
Още преди живот да дарим,
обичаме детето във нас,
щом живот ние подарим,
инстинктът събужда се в същия час.
Детето по инстинкт поема гръдта, ...
Another page
of a story well-written
wakes up the gage
and the fear within...
Another day ...
Каква любов
Каква любов - безумие и сила,
Която те съгражда и руши!
Която те разпаря и пришила
Крила за полет с тебе все кръжи... ...
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