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May be I was born here,
in the middle of lies and fear,
but inside me I know -
here has never meant to be my home.
I may not have fairy wings ...
Easy it is to be full of excuses,
Day after day without a word from the muses.
Know, there is strength to be attained from within,
Thus I remain to see your beautiful grin.
I want you to hold me and follow my lead, ...
Something so deep (and unbound)
can be seen in your eyes
Even when sleep (comes around)
I can hear your cries...
But you're far away ...
Flow, my river
Flow, my river, flow
in my veins,
blow, my wind, blow
in my hair... ...
You can change my mind
But my soul – never!
Forever shall I seek the light!
And dive into… the breaker.
You can chain my might ...
In the lonesome hours, when it hurts
I breathe by violence, folded in silence
I lost into discovered, washed out the reasons
Empty future I see, this is my reality
Wеre are the losers, dead without intelect... ...
With wings we can fly
With wings we can hide –
Invisible to the human mind
But beautiful as they shine…
Even after so many years ...
I play with words, I live through them,
I make them hurt, build them in frames,
which I crush, or they crush me.
They make me „hushhh“, they make me scream.
I’m born for words, to draw and twist ...
The Lake
Sometimes I just wish I could find the place
Where I can lay my head to rest...
Somewhere near the calmful sounds of rills,
of forest and the morning haze... ...
Shut up the memories
and open the window
Grieve with me with open eyes
And then leave me alone...!
I need to understand the pain ...
You're looking for life
In this land of cold
And darkness
Walk with me
In the souless eyes ...
Don’t give up on your dreams! by Anna Bancheva
If you really fail to believe
in the unique plan God has for you,
you are not worthy to receive
the precious gift of dreams that come true. ...
What it takes by Anna Bancheva
There is no restoration without annihilation,
no admiration without humiliation.
There is no big gain without real pain,
no love without facing seas that are rough. ...
The dog was happy in the yard
Enjoyed to play around
It was a conscientious guard
Of this small village ground
Its owner was a generous guy ...
Just a sad Song...
The way of our Soul
Is long enough
To reach the mental pole -
No light, nor tough. ...
And smells of expensive perfume
It is flying all over the roads
And is faster than one could assume.
Cause it’s driving a powerful car
With neverexhaustable fuel ...
Welcome, my friend,
welcome to the machine!
It's not important
where have you been
at ...
A truly beautiful girl
with her eyes of haze,
her innocent curls
and the magical blaze
of her skin... ...
The frowning time is passing on
And burns away like fuel.
My broken heart has turned to stone
My eyes are only jewel.
And there is no persistent hope ...
Deep in my soul rainy drops are falling.
Deep in the broken heart - there is a sorrow.
How many tears I have cried for you -
my lonely nights covered the pain
with ash and blue. ...
Again you’re dancing on my nerves
Like Sunny Bunny on bare wall.
And me undressing all reserves,
Remaining only naked doll.
And in my eyes are charcoils hidden ...
Scene after scene
I fade away… and blend in the end
But when will I see them?
When Will I be able to write the whole thing?
You tell me! I don’t know ...
Dead where all begins
With a kiss.
Just in my mind.
Lost in a memory.
Shadow heart. ...
Don’t tell me I’m born to be good.
Don’t tell me I’ll save the light.
They are people that will if they could.
But me… I give up without fight.
They are few of us, you know, ...
Here I lay on the soft brown earth
Here I stay in love with every breaker's birth
And I completely... fall asleep, under the stars (and the trees) and breathe
To feel the atmosphere...
To breathe within the breath ...
The thing that follows
- from where did it come?
Abysmal hollows?
A windowless small dome?
A question. ...
All my hopes and dreams will shrink and wane
Nothing shall erase the pain...
As the rain pours out the will and hope
No one shall escape the final rope... ...
In the forest of my dreams...
Sleeps the coolest... ray of rays.
As I lay on a low-cut down tree
I snap all the sounds, as I nap in the lee
Now, after the storm has passed over ...
We shall not sleep, until the day,
until the shadows pass away
and light is coming strong and still,
alike a loudly spoken will.
We shall not move, until the wind. ...
Trees entwine in fog and darkness
I still believe sunrise will come
I know I'll see you when hope is scarcest
quite sure you'll be my only light...
And you'll just smile and take my hand, ...
You're on the first place of my list.
It's impossible me to resist.
In this world that has turned into farm,
You possess the allmightiest charm.
There's nothing I can really do, ...
I am free like the wind
- just one of a kind.
You should know that I am a crazy lady,
do you mind?
You can't catch me just like that. ...
In a state of sick inspiration
I created a human of sand,
As a blessing or a damnation
Fell in love with the deed of my hand.
And engulfed I was watching its features ...
Based upon the greatest hit of Mungo Jerry It's a secret
from 1976
When I met you autumn wind quieted down.
Birds that migrate sang a song, landed down.
World gone mad and became magical. ...
There is something about your smile
A tinge of regret that has lost every style
A tinge that I see it's stuck in a net,
in a dream, burried deep and abandoned!
There is something else in your smile ...
Dear Roses of Grey
Bent down by the Heavy Rain,
How is that the colours stripped away
and showed me the darkness from beneath display...?
That is so not fair! ...
The graves keep thousands of hidden secrets
And words that haven’t ever been pronounced…
The words that living people kept as sacred
And didn’t want those secrets to be found…
Oh, sacred words and unpronounced words ...
In this wоrld full of hatred and desires,
we come and we go, we take what we please.
Lets steal from the poor
and give to the rich.
Mother nature is our little bitch ...
I opened my eyes and I saw a rose,
red and warm, but I did not care.
I turned around, and saw brownish fields
with bitter blowing winds and yellow mists… ...
I go to sleep late at night
I cuddle you to sleep in my arms.
There is something magical in this sight
And there is nothing disturbing, nothing that alarms
My mind that something could ever go wrong ...
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