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You're welcome to my kingdom of the spring.
I am the sovereign in here, i am your king.
Glory, unity, that's what the oracle forsee,
and power for the ones who will believe.
So welcome and let your quest begins - ...
Here again i am alive, up north.
Where ancient warriors were born,
where water's clenched in icy fist,
where bloodred oath is echoing through mist. ...
Can you reach and touch the flame,
that lights my inner world?
Will you look at it again
in your pursuit for truth?
Will you feel the warmth, ...
Hatred is too difficult to swallow,
That's why we spit it out all the time.
For people with a mind, which is too hollow,
Hatred leads them to the path of crime.
Sometimes it is politically propagated, ...
The world is sitting on a boiling pot
And every moment it is going to burst
Cause enemies are waiting for a shot
But noone wants to shoot at first.
Cause politics has some protective rules ...
There's blood on the ground
Eyes half open
Trembling hands holding the dagger
Blinded mind
Did the sin ...
Hope lies deep under the water
buried useless for a thousand years,
where it's ashes no one gathers
and slowly, slowly dissapears.
"Few people laughed, few people cried ...
/ The wound /
Nobody's home
Room silent remains
A deep wound on the body bleeds
Which will eventually leads soon to an end ...
Cover my body with a sheets made of silk
Imagine me walking amongst the daffodils
Under a silver moon light
Lie there and watch
Hear the wolf's howling ...
Burned Life
I see a burned life with faded lights.
World without a sun, without a lighting
moon. Song with no words to say, with
no melody to play. Road without a way, ...
Beneath the mire where lays the golden absolution,
The Gate stands open from beggining to the end of time.
I hear the baying of the hounds, their retribution
is on it's way to conquer every living man.
I see the hunger in their eyes, so cold and empty ...
Embrace the anger and let the rage flows on,
depravity now turns to cruel allegiance.
Thought distant shadows you can see it forms
the nightmares of the lost obediance.
The empty shades now turns to silent hell ...
"If I..."
If I
were a poet
I would
write ...
Blood within a blood
Two souls dancing in a silent night
Sigil of a nature unknown
Search the truth beneath the white thorns.
Blood within a blood ...
I'm gonna miss you babygirl,
and you'll be gone forever.
I'll miss your voice, your curls,
your smile and whatsover.
Still hears your last "goodbye" ...
Sometimes misfortune comes to us
As heavy rain without shelter.
Evaporates all faith and trust
As steel is liquified in melter.
And we are praying for some mercy, ...
Wake up and look back to the old attic days, full with memories but not talking about anything present.
Get out of bed. Drink coffee like my dark days. Going over and over again in this unreal world, calling themselves 'Warcraft', which looks as a little relief from the dull monotory of daily life.
You got to burn it to the ground
and leave no single evidence of its existance.
To ashes turn it, spread it in the world of man
with ruthless passion and fanatic's persistence. ...
You have gone million light-years away
Time waved last farewell with the aeons
The white nightingale sung his song before its
tender voice to be gone forever
The seven moons' light shall be gone ...
Eternal darkness is what i've become,
it makes me drift through nothingness of time.
I'm looking for the place i called my home -
an endless lifetime spent to search the sign.
An empty wanderer without a shell ...
Holy father, did you forsaken all of us?
Do you protect us like you used to be?
Did all your punishments are passed,
or more sins are there for us to see?
Will all your saints and angels be our shield, ...
Far away there's land exist in sorrow
ruled out of helpless, broken dreams
There is no hope, no love and no tomorrow,
no light can reach the land i call my home,
and memories so lost, so narrow ...
Define sobriety through pleasures of the mind,
request all systems to deny.
The absence of reality that makes the pile
of sinned resistance to defy.
Lethargic blissfull emptiness, ...
Die and walk among the mighty horror,
lead to astray that unholy terror.
Spread the word through serpent tongue,
release and free this twisted world.
Baptize yourself in flesh and blood, ...
What if we turn into a speck of dust?
What if we live beneath the trust?
What if we doing the same mistakes?
What if we hurt each other no matter what it takes?
What if the afterlife just don't exist? ...
I've been searching for you all around,
to the line of the edge where we are.
I'm looking so deep into the ground,
no matter how deep in
you are. ...
It's permanent silence around.
Deep sleep's filling the ground.
No one could stay awake in this time.
There's nothing to listen and nothing to find.
Everything's dead all around. ...
Flowers of the night,
they're coming uninvited.
The messenger of light
hunts them with exitement.
They're coming to my door, ...
It's raining, raining hard
A scruffy, lost dog's walking in the dark
My jeans, jacket, sneakers are all soaked
but it is fine - the darkness, the rain
the slow traffic and the cold. ...
I shall never be the incurable wound
I shall be the silver sword by whom
You shall meet your doom.
I shall never be the victim,
miserable, screaming for help victim, ...
This Void cannot be filled. My soul gave birth to Death —
I sense its coldness in my room with every taken breath.
I know it in my heart — my life is now an End.
This ending feels like Paradise — I'm going to Ascend.
The clock keeps ticking loud, it's time to say 'Goodbye'. ...
Нощта претисна ме до постелята
сърцето ми сякаш спря да бие
пред очите ми райска градина
препълнена с цветя красиви.
Аз бягах към тази красота ...
I knew you were leaving before I was told.
Your hands were around me – your kisses were cold.
My skin is so lonesome and craves a relief.
You're growing inside me – my infinite Grief.
I knew you were only a dream of my heart. ...
Living to the fullest expression of Being,
Entwined with Death in meaning,
Glimpsing the phenomena of potential,
Surfing on a spiral inferential
With wings not yet manifest, ...
When you have real friends,
your life makes sense
something just clicks
and every piece fits!
You can be the worst ...
Hypergraphia is lacerating carotid
Finally bloodletting into slumber
Hippocampus that
Incinerates its own
Neuron forest and becomes ...
Green is the color
That makes nature grow,
Green is the feeling
That gets you to glow.
Green are the gems ...
And in the darkness sun.
And a burden fills the air
As the sun goes down.
A burden of unfinished love ...
We write our own book everyday,
but we don't take time to read it.
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