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  • Reality is music

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    Music is a phantom and a muse,
    it can frighten or amuse.
    Music is an illusion so real
    you can't help but feel.
    It moves you in intricate ways, ...
  • Spiral Fuse

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    slowly going crazy
    twisted and burnt
    two different faces
    one charcoal soul
    sizzling and blazing ...
  • The Light Given

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Free verse, Other
    flying now erratic circles
    I'm the moth who didn't flee
    glutinous tongue of careless wind
    caught me in a single lick
    pulling inexorably into the opening ...
  • The eternal human story

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Odys and poems
    I will tell you a story –
    one you’ve heard a thousand times
    of loss and pain and glory,
    of a myriad of heinous crimes.
    All the mythology of ages past. ...
  • The man of tomorrow

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Love, Phylosophy, Other
    I am not like other men.
    I’ve no wish to pretend
    to be what women like..
    I am on a love strike!
    For love is lies and dust ...
  • The beer is a better poet than me

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Humour, Phylosophy, Free verse
    poetry has rhythm, it has heart
    but only when the writer does his part
    emotions flow and emotions go
    in the unconscious down below
    thought is left so far behind ...
  • Only not to lose you

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Everyday I'm wondering how
    to show you how much I care.
    Everyday I search for a way
    how to keep you safe.
    Because you don't see ...
  • Come closer

    Accel (Ансел Христов) Accel
    Poetry » Authors song, Other
    You make me lose my mind
    With your sweet voice
    For the others I'm blind
    You were my choice
    I wanna hold you tight ...
  • bar scribbles

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Free verse
    patterns in patterns
    emotional chatters
    none of it matters
    as the mind scatters
    instinctive desires ...
  • Life Is Like Riding a Bycicle

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Аcrostis
    Lonely and desperate me
    I'm not intending to be
    Facing to all of your tasks
    Each one of you I should ask
    I cannot give explanations ...
  • themed poems

    gurhito (Венцислав Вичев) gurhito
    Poetry » East forms
    Children`s happiness
    Torn by the wind!
    Motley motionless kite...
  • Sleep Well You Little Kids

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Civilian
    In the clutches of uncertain world,
    With tears shedding from your lids,
    In ages humans bow to gold,
    Sleep well you little kids!
    Perhaps you didn't reach the coast, ...
  • Eternal obey

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Thou lips bring poison and delight.
    Thou eyes are brighter than the night.
    I can stay to hold your hand.
    Until we die, burn crimson, dear.
    Thou catch is all I needed of; ...
  • Pathetic carnivore

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    It was an autumn: like many autumn days,
    when I met you roaming through the woods.
    It was cold and rainy autumn day,
    but to run back at home...
    I refused. ...
  • Everything I need

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Don't promise me the Well,
    don't promise me the stars.
    I don't need of nothing more than
    to be with you, while the world collapses.
  • Corrosed heart

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    I drown in your lies and complains,
    no more want to see your face.
    It's impossible to try to break me,
    when already made a space.
    The debris are now cliffs and stones, ...
  • Sleeping song

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    'Hush, hush, sweetie!
    Mama's there for you...'
    Whispered the woman
    to her beloved son.
    'Sleep, sleep, sweetie! ...
  • First lesson

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » For kids, Other
    Calm down little child;
    take a breath and look at me:
    nothing is impossible!
    The first lesson is always difficult.
    Step by step, you'll rearn to skate, ...
  • my silent scream

    Маризлат (Маризлат) Маризлат
    Poetry » Other
    One month no fighting,
    One month of silence,
    My head goes louder,
    I'm loosing guidance.
  • I remember

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    I remember,
    when we were friends
    A long time ago
    in the past.
    We laughed, we cried. ...
  • Downgrade

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Like a reflection in the mirror,
    which was forgotten and broken.
    Like a song, without lyrics,
    I'm gazing through the snow.
    And the rimes upon me. ...
  • Broken-hearted

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Today I left you, because I couldn't
    Build everytime the life you ruined.
    Today I left and sworn no come back;
    It cost too much to keep my heart from running...
    You never changed, even when ...
  • If you were the man I loved.

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love
    If you were the man I loved,
    Should it meant a thing;
    Would you be the one to know me
    and appear in my dreams?
    Would you be the man I love, ...
  • The perfect time

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    The perfect time for walking is when the night comes down,
    when there's no sunlight, shining on your way;
    the beautiful is when, though except a harm,
    you just enjoying that alone now outside stay...
  • Dream

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    When I closed my eyes,
    I could see you again
    And asked:
    'How are you?'
    But your eyes just stared ...
  • It's nice

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    How nice is a person to be lonely-
    all alone against the evils of the world;
    from the shackles of the burden to be free... alone to write his dreaming destiny!
    How nice is a person to feel sorrow,
    to losing something or just part of himself; but it's a part of his temporary life, ...
  • The Hunter

    SilverSign (Moon) SilverSign
    Here I am, alone and haunted;
    Begging for forgiveness, lonely.
    Being different, I cannot promise,
    Not even you can stop the torment.
    I am The Hunter and I am The Sin. ...
  • Legacy

    AirDreamer (Серафим Аянски) AirDreamer
    Poetry » Love
    Whenever I think of us, what becomes of my mind
    Is a mess which I cannot trust; I am suddenly blind.
    Every day I just grind, and surely I’m not the first,
    But even working, I find, time to think about her.
    When she’s here, time’s a blur, moving in a straight line. ...
  • Weapon

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    And all the wars
    those eyes of yours
    have started,
    and all the gore
    blown open in the hearts ...
  • It tear me to pieces

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    To watch you fade
    was the worst,
    that I've been ever forced.
    When gone away
    it broke my soul, ...
  • Locked

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    And now I sitting on the rock,
    while watch the cyan sea;
    and asking where my hope had lost,
    where lost the chance to live.
    The fire cackling evil at my scars- ...
  • The title is hidden in the poem

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Days flashed, but the time seem frozen
    Of everything in this world so cold.
    Now, when I've lost you. When everything turn blue and the hope was rolled out,
    To be okay I can't, because your sorrow don't deserve.
    Darkness, light-whichever brighting, ...
  • Can she

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Can she forgive to you
    For everyhing you've done;
    for the life, who she was forced
    to build again?
    Can she look again at you, without feel a rage; ...
  • The dreamer

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    He, as always, was a dreamer-
    wished to reach the stars;
    he only yearned to be a winner
    with soul and fearless heart...
    I've known him-while the others ...
  • To my grandpa

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Hello, grandpa,
    can you hear me now?
    I need of advice:
    a simple word;
    a sign, ...
  • I wish I were a bird

    mccm (Цветелина Маркова) mccm
    Sometimes I wish I were a bird,
    sailing the skies and watching the world.
    Across the deep blue ocean
    in the deep white clouds,
    falling asleep with the sunset, ...
  • Just nothing

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Do you know what is like to be
    just a dust on the lonely shelf,
    with all these pictures left on it;
    with vanished colours... thrown away?
    Do you know all of the ways I feel, ...
  • Age of Misinformation

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    As I lose my way
    in an endless ocean
    made of flowing knowledge,
    my head feels like an anchor,
    towing down my heart ...
  • The Burn

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I burnt you red,
    yet not the skin,
    and not the flesh,
    but deeper still...
    Through marrow I ...
  • The Pathfinder

    LordOfLight (Злори) LordOfLight
    Poetry » White poetry
    Because my life is an endless story
    of a pathfinder, seeking the truth of the ages.
    And by adding a little bit of ink
    on the sketches of my fairytale
    I put some colors on the pages ...

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