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I asked her,
“Why they send you here?
What do you think is wrong with you?”
and she looked at me with a calm, innocent smile.
“ There is nothing wrong with me. ...
My dear, do you know what is like to be a helpless man?
I never liked to be, but now i am.
Troughout my life i tried to give the best i can,
it only turned to be in vain.
Will you allow me to manifestate the helplessness i feel, ...
I was dreaming of an earth
on a unwordly place,
so far, far away,
somewhere in this endless star space ...
Hello again my sweetest thing of all,
i say hello to you my empty world.
Relentless in my run i'll never fall,
at least i thought i'll never would.
Believe me, as the time passed by, ...
I didn't see it coming right after me,
i pledged you my soul, pleased to be free.
Weren't you saw that false vision of love
runing away and bringing hell from above.
There's nothing left from our dusted tomb, ...
I'm so broken.
You broke me.
You left another to put the pieces together.
But i go from boy to boy,
Waiting for you. ...
It was a freezing winter on Sunday
When frost and ice reigned upon this world.
It was a morning, at the dawn of day
And a young family was blessed with a girl.
A son was wanted. Yet he didn't come. ...
Ruins long ago left behind
When first I saw them,
they reminded me of the forgotten past.
Deep in myself I knew it wouldn't last
because time forgives no one. ...
Lets play a game.
I'll be the bad one and you'll be the good.
You'll run and I'll chase you.
Is that feeding your ego?
Tell all our friends that I messed up ...
So much love out there, but not for Jessika,
the love so lost for her, but not for me.
That love that's been an agony for both of us
and powerfull enough to set me free.
Is it remembrance now or it's a destiny, ...
Of all the days of the working week
Today I want to find out which is best
to find out the most loved (so to speak).
let's put them all through try and test
On Monday you hate the entire world ...
When i saw your reflection,
remembered you're a ghost.
Relenteless dead perfection
i prayed to hear the most.
When i crossed tiny Rubicon, ...
This land i walk for endless times
is all i have and all i care.
It's soaked in blood and many cries,
with scattered bones and rotten hair.
This land i roam forevermore ...
She loved to write and create,
He loved only what"s on the plate.
She was always inspired by beauty
He kept torturing her with her duties.
She was intelligent and smart ...
Years, I ran my scanners
across the flat horizon
seeking a single error
a miraculous inconsistency
in the facade of the world. ...
I don’t want to just win you
I will not rest
I want to conquer you every day
Meet me in a bloodpool full of tears,
where drowning waters carrying my fears,
where stream just shapes my nightmares,
where darkness lurks and stares.
So i'm in the middle of it all. ...
Drab dreary desecration of deformed delusions dawns destructively down drawn devilishly deeper into desolate deformity devoid of dreams.
Deigned divine dominance dooms downtrodden domains of destitute debauchery driven daily downward.
Done deals define duplicitous dukes and demons drenched in damnat ...
Camera can't make you a pro,
It is seeing the picture that does.
If you start in this slowly to grow
A lot of time shooting shall pass.
If you count on a single machine, ...
Long ago was born a child,
It was gifted with such beauty,
That in the world so cruel and wild
To defend it was a duty.
Its name was Faith and it was naked, ...
Ти помниш ли
Онази слънчева усмивка,
В летен ден ...? ...
I'm tracing back my mind and following the sound
through ritmic colapses, tritones and vocal chords.
I'm floating in the vacuum and long to hit the ground
like meteor explosion, my strings awaits the mute abort.
The tremols screaming, the amplitude is burning high, ...
To get a university degree is hard enough
No doubt it could be often hellish-tough.
While most after the first would close the door
I am an idiot who took not one or two but… four.
To make matters worse to comprehend, ...
The dance
is my command
of language soft and smooth
that's used through every time and place
where love exists in our abandoned world. ...
Education (rumour has it) is a mess
and you have to handle lots of stress.
The more you go, the worse it gets
to top it all – it's organized in sets.
From dusk til dawn you need to study ...
To write is just a joke (or so I've heard)
You scribble for nothing all day.
For whom? To this day I have learned
that readers are hard to attain.
You may have the wit, the verse ...
I'm not your hero
I'm your beast.
Don't need me now .
Was peaceful rest !
I had my story ... ...
beautiful and welcoming.
Nice, clean, ...
Не се събуждай, сине, почини си,
обичам да те гледам, като спиш.
Навън е късна есен. И замислен
ветрецът влачи листи, мълчалив.
Така и ние вкъщи онемяхме. ...
A lifeless creature, once human born –
the eons shaped me with no regret.
My human heart they turn to stone,
while memory is gone in gothic menuet.
I see my pale reflection in the mirror, ...
Dreaming with the blackness of the dream
i feel you even when you're gone.
Meet me in my dreams and hear my scream,
in ripping fractures of my soul i'm drowned.
Sometimes i see you, distant child of light, ...
Give me the ropes made of hundred wings of a butterflies and doves,
blind me with a silk thunder
Bind them on my wrists, a living cage,
leave me where we first met, right next to the waterfall of Vexorious
under pale moon light ...
One day
You will want
to know me better
I just hope
that day comes ...
I never was a special person.
So I'll never want to be or will be
To myself
Or to anyone anywhere.
Don't worry. You will forget ...
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Lullaby and whisper are mingling through the sky
Carelessly are shifting the muffled poets’ cry.
How small are we! – exclaimed the little child
And pointed to the chimney. Everything’s mild.
An echo passing through the cave ...
I loved the watch on his masculine hand... But the most I liked for his watch was the moment when he takes it off, while staring at my naked body... Men always take off their watches when they do something important... and tonight he was gonna do me...
Meet me in my dreams.
I am standing there and waiting...
Will you be my summer breeze,
And the sea in which I am bathing?
Will you kiss me like the Sun, ...
With mended wings, but never broken,
He tames thy demons in the dark of night
And sings of thoughts long left unspoken…
A voice of angel … menace to the weak of heart.
And what was once so lost, forgotten ...
What if tomorrow will never be yesterday,
because yesterday is tomorrow's today,
and the future is nothing but ashes
but only the ashes is all that remain?
Exhibition of deviant sculptures in chains ...
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