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I tune in to the insanity
of the world around me.
A true beacon of profanity
where nothing’s meant to be.
Illusive thoughts rage all around, ...
I don't know you
but I know too well,
Your habit of not locking the door, and walking shoeless on the cold floor
Your worn pijama with small spots on it
Your messy hair which can almost always be seen in the air ...
Той беше красив,
млад, художник...
Ала пропи се...
Жена го остави...
И всичко във него ...
I switch from face to face,
unwilling to be put in place,
stretching over distant thoughts
of what I’ve found and forever lost.
People look at me and see ...
I dream for a quiet place -
where I can rest while mellow air refreshes my body and face
and not be disturbed by humans loudly talking outside;
or by the unpleasantly loud garden machinery;
or by the neighbour stomping heavily on the floor; ...
Не сме вечни!
И колкото и да сме добри
И колкото и да сме човечни...
Не сме вечни!
И болките и мъките ...
I walked without a path or reason
for far too many pointless days.
With the slow passing of each season,
I remained locked in my empty ways.
With no dreams to strive for, I lingered, ...
Dig a hole inside me!
Dig it, dig it,
deeper, darker,
keep it, keep it,
don't forget, ...
Косата и беше от прежда!
Лицето и тялото - проста басма!..
Нослето, очите, веждите...
и нежните бузки дори,
туй всичко - рисувано с молив, ...
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Another day has just passed by
andother memory, another death.
Another Jesus crucified
is waiting for his last breath.
Protected stronghold of the old, ...
It's been a while
i've seen you smile,
that wicked twist behind your lips.
That phoney shines
and all the lies, ...
The time was out
and he was there -
in space of woods
and screaming trees.
His face was sad, ...
Unsolvable equation
Existing leaves red scars on my chest
Life is a pointless game that
most of us choose to play...
But I'd rather bite my tongue and bleed than beg ...
Since you were born
You struggle with this fuckin' zoo
Broken, jaded, forlorn
There is no tomorrow for you
All around you - war and destruction ...
Extraterrestrial revenge 👽⚔️
I came from the outer space
To cure your plague , to clean your mess
I saw your bright filth from cosmos
Earth screamed to me "Help me ...
You're the boy who makes me feel.
You're the truth that I must steal.
You're the dream that is so real.
You're my baby, dangerous still.
You're all these things and more... ...
Execution, death, vicious desire
Curved and insane, evident pain
Hope of salvation, impending torment
Uncertain reflection, unclear direction
Take me there - to the craving vacuum ...
Hold in my cold hands
The stone of venerable filth
I want to beleive in madness
Roaming between fire and sadness
When I hear the whisper, begins the ceremony of the killer ...
Have I had tears before?
Don't remember. You taught me to cry.
Did I have eyes to adore
the sunrise, dusk and the sky?
Was there sun? I don't know. ...
Flame within a flame
Of a silent burning crusades
Watch it closely,
Feel its titanic rage,
Breath in its power ...
All I know is to hurt myself and hate the others
Abuse me and I'll think I deserve it
Give me love and I'll think I don't deserve it
There isn't a right way to treat a wrong mind ...
A vengefull night of new horizon,
devours the world like Jesus on its cross,
despites the universe, is it surprising,
without regrets of every loss.
On ocean floats a lonely vessel, ...
December in Westminster.
Old lady fed some cat,
she was catholic sister,
and me — a sinful brat.
Requested to assist her, ...
I feel like falling for you.
But i don't want to.
Because all i do is hurt.
Hurt you, and hurt me.
I hurt people. ...
I was there with you!
I was waiting for an adventure.
I went to one
but I wasn’t prepared for it.
I left everything and left. ...
I was on my window today,
holding my binoculars,
watching the birds outside.
I love to watch the birds,
but this day I saw something. ...
I'm in a gloomy mood!
I feel like a rag in a motel ...
Most likely it's a mortal sin too?
An armor kept me safe and sound,
I kept a sharp sword ready.
I looked for fights far and around,
my hands were always steady
I fought to win, I fought to learn, ...
Nothing will be left behind you
Nothing ever was
Nothing is your origin and
Nothing's your demise
All of life dissolves to nothing ...
Another day, just another day?
will this ever come to an end?
Who will wash my tears away,
and wipe them with his hand?
Another day, another day to dwell, ...
My soul is just like the universe
Dark matter fills empty space
My own inhabitants are destroying me
I need wiser aliens to come help me ...
The god of sun and the angel fallen
stand on each of my shoulder.
The price i pay for loving
they only distract me from my boulder.
Of the routine I've rotten. ...
I was there when she wasn't
I cared when she didn't
I agreed when she refused
I stayed when she left
And even then you choose her ...
I asked her,
“Why they send you here?
What do you think is wrong with you?”
and she looked at me with a calm, innocent smile.
“ There is nothing wrong with me. ...
My dear, do you know what is like to be a helpless man?
I never liked to be, but now i am.
Troughout my life i tried to give the best i can,
it only turned to be in vain.
Will you allow me to manifestate the helplessness i feel, ...
I was dreaming of an earth
on a unwordly place,
so far, far away,
somewhere in this endless star space ...
Hello again my sweetest thing of all,
i say hello to you my empty world.
Relentless in my run i'll never fall,
at least i thought i'll never would.
Believe me, as the time passed by, ...
I didn't see it coming right after me,
i pledged you my soul, pleased to be free.
Weren't you saw that false vision of love
runing away and bringing hell from above.
There's nothing left from our dusted tomb, ...
I'm so broken.
You broke me.
You left another to put the pieces together.
But i go from boy to boy,
Waiting for you. ...
It was a freezing winter on Sunday
When frost and ice reigned upon this world.
It was a morning, at the dawn of day
And a young family was blessed with a girl.
A son was wanted. Yet he didn't come. ...
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