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  • Immortality

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    When God created universe
    He made our choice reality:
    Multiplication is a curse
    connected to mortality.
    The world blinked with its baby eyes ...
  • Let the nightmare go

    Liudmil (Людмил Стоянов) Liudmil
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    The branches of the trees
    that grow up in the dark
    will never reach the light,
    will never reach the light,
    but climbing them will bring ...
  • In The Dress of Fall

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    So much color and
    So little light
    The trees are jewels
    Veiled by the sky
  • Back

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Authors song, Other
    I can feel all the sorrow
    all the bitterness that hides in you
    I can see the falling tears
    But I won't walk away! I'll pretend to stay
    Only to see them dead! ...
  • Distance

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Authors song, Other
    I stand in front of one-sided glass,
    Staring in the darkness.
    You are on the other side-
    so far, so far from here.
    Your picture is all I now see- ...
  • The Princess and The Frog

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Humour
    Once a princess was lost in a fog.
    She cried for help but all in vain.
    Nobody helped her but a frog,
    That lead her to the palace lane.
    Her gratitude turned into love, ...

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    Poetry » Love
    Look in my eyes,
    and move to me.
    Stretch your arms,
    and touch me. ...
  • Pandora

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    For a moment reigned some silence in our room
    It was reason to be worried I assumed
    My experience told me that when it"s too calm
    I should gather in a prayer my two palms.
    Cause in our unpretentious tiny house ...
  • The Witch

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    To her home does't lead any trail.
    Everything is grown with bushes and grass.
    If someone dares her secrets to unveil,
    There are many hurdles that one couldn't pass.
    Her look is wicked, wicked is her temper. ...
  • Fall's Laws

    Яким (Яким  Дянков) Яким
    Poetry » Authors song
    Like every autumn
    Fading is awesome.
    One final journey
    starts up when the summer is gone.
    Down Life draws a vivid impression - ...
  • To the one who made me smile again

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love
    When you found me I was sad and rotten,
    mad at everyone..
    But then I felt no more broken,
    when heard you speak to me. ...
  • To my brother

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    Tonight I'm gonna sing for my brother.
    Other half of my soul that's you.
    We are ready to die for each other.
    I am, what I am, 'cause of you.
    As a child you were telling me tales. ...
  • A Lesson in Crawling

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    My daring little daughter
    Lifted proudly her forhead.
    Then her shoulders and her bottom
    I watched her slightly worried.
    She looked ahead determined ...
  • A bag of pretty fears

    Liudmil (Людмил Стоянов) Liudmil
    Poetry » Authors song
    A bag of pretty words,
    a bag of bad predictions,
    a bag to help the poor
    instead of benediction -
    My hands shake when I reach in, ...
  • The Story of a Honey Bee

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    In the spring from the top to the heel
    I was fond of a daffodil.
    Its beauty meant the world to me
    It was all my eyes could see.
    In the summer I flew with some sparrows ...
  • Survival forgives any crime

    Яким (Яким  Дянков) Яким
    Poetry » Authors song
    Survival forgives any crime
    Empire of sin and despair
    is crushing a million hearts.
    Few chosen are feasting out there ...
  • Back home

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    Hello my dear,
    you want to know...
    Can we pause time,
    or just run it slow.
    No one is able ...
  • Phenomenology Reborn

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Odys and poems
    Appearing as an apparition
    apart from a parting decision,
    there lies a momentous vision
    beyond the realms of imposition.
    As I lift my head towards the sky, ...
  • Hell in heaven

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    I am here, please embrace me!
    And bring back life before!
    This pain and grief... they break me.
    I can't take them anymore.
    We are born in a disaster time – ...
  • Instructions from the control tower

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Put some stress on those legs;
    not a dress that begs
    my permission for takeoff.
  • Insane

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    Poetry » Love
    Im going crazy when you get closе.
    You shoot like a poison dart.
    Don't gamble on me, give me your dose.
    I can't control myself and my heart.
    I don't obey my brain anymore. ...
  • I wait

    Яким (Яким  Дянков) Яким
    Poetry » Authors song
    He left the valley into glory
    along the road of no return.
    But in my soul I keep on worry
    and wait until my years burn. ...
  • I'm not alone

    mccm (Цветелина Маркова) mccm
    Poetry » Love
    Even though
    I let you go
    I'll always know
    I love you so.
    It's not my brain ...
  • Strength

    Maystora (Калоян Стоянов) Maystora
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    We try to be good,
    We try to be strong,
    And be optimistic
    When change takes too long.
    When people are scared ...
  • The Poetic Passions I

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Love, Landscape, Phylosophy, Odys and poems
    The flame of old is kindled with a burning passion.
    The hopes and dreams return in a blinding fashion.
    The watcher sees through the flaming fields of smoke,
    beyond the veil of the heart which in countless pieces broke.
    Words fall short and stiff like a coward on the edge of a cliff ...
  • Inside the mind of Hieronymus Bosch

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Odys and poems
    A pernicious petrifying choir of perished souls
    from the depths of Hell the lonely wanderer calls.
    With words long dead and whispers of the unspoken,
    truth is laid to rest and the deceivers are forever awoken.
    With the cunning Luciferian tyranny of the rational mind ...
  • Fear Not

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Odys and poems
    Fear not the words of beautiful liars,
    of snakes and of time-consuming vampires.
    Fear not the slithering creatures in your feet,
    fear not the monsters in the darkened street.
    For fear is the most vicious mind-killer, ...
  • The Violent Awakening (Revised)

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Civilian, Odys and poems, Authors song
    Broken chains and echoing screams,
    endless pieces of scattered dreams
    haunt the mind of the observer,
    who must now become a preserver.
    As paradise is smothered in ash, ...
  • Dream

    Каси_Лост (Cassy Lost) Каси_Лост
    Poetry » Love, Odys and poems, Free verse
    I dream about you, sometimes.
    It's nothing much.
    A random conversation
    or a simple touch.
  • Compass

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    in the east
    there is sand, and fire, and oath;
    in the west
    there is another plague
    of the mind and the soul; ...
  • Revelations from within

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    As the sun sinks gently into the waters,
    as the sky darkens and light falters,
    sleep and passion lay over the world,
    beings entangled and souls unfurled.
    At these serene and precious times ...
  • - Don't <FRIEND> me, baby!

    Kalisi (D.) Kalisi
    Poetry » Love, Erotic, Humour, Authors song
    What the hell!
    We became friends
    on Facebook.. ...
  • Intuit

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Omniscience is empty
    I don’t want to know everything
    I don’t even want to know you
    The evidence is not humane
    No one needs proof of being ...
  • Шопско хоро

    vitality2 (Мария) vitality2
    Poetry » Free verse
    Just imagine a non-statistical girl`s feed
    to move rapidly following a drum beat.
    She jumps and hops and capers and twirls
    and other similar moves or verbs.
    Like the best natural driving wheel ...
  • Higher Truth

    satine (Сатин Роксан) satine
    Poetry » Other
    I don't follow any religion.
    I am a freethinker.
    I killed myself.
  • Breathing into pieces

    Aske (Петя Косева) Aske
    I fall apart and start to breath in pieces.
    The heavy air runs into my veins,
    It’s hunting down my thoughts and never ceases
    To prove the gap between results and aims.
    Our worlds can make us incomplete ...
  • Cloudy Dream

    Maystora (Калоян Стоянов) Maystora
    Poetry » Love
    A cloudy day that feels so sleepy,
    A dream of beauty and unending love
    The sun is gone, the sky is weeping,
    Cleaning memories from high above.
    Ocean wind, which carries sadness ...
  • A smile brighter than the sun

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy
    Today's the day you seek, not tomorrow.
    There is no future time for you to borrow.
    Smile right now through pain and grief
    even with empty hands, but a firm belief –
    not a blind fool with eyes and ears shut, ...
  • Scarecrow

    streptococcus (Таня  Гулериа) streptococcus
    Poetry » Humour
    In the garden stuffed with straw
    Was erected scarecrow.
    It was gloomy, dull and sad,
    It was feeling very bad.
    It possessed no charm and glamour ...
  • Icarus Reborn

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    As the scales fall from your eyes
    and you see the world though its disguise,
    waves of terrible emotion emerge
    and in a perfect storm they converge.
    Your heart goes wild and restless, ...

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