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Did I forget the beauty
of dreaming for love?
No, I never, ever did,
I just found out
that love is dern ...
This life is an attempt at flight
at the hands of the almighty gravity
dragging all existence underground...
Torn between the Earth and sky
we spread across the horizon ...
Connected by wires,
directed by liars,
we live in a web
ignoring the spiders...
All-seeing eyes ...
I don’t have a heart
It’s a bag of pieces
Have you ever
Tried to find
The reason
Why we love?
Is it… ...
There is no now, no present.
Time is but a notion, fiction.
Only change persists eternal.
Only motion ever lasts.
Existence shifting in-between ...
Masks of yesterday
make me feel empty...
I've no words to say
How much pain I've felt!
To think you know ...
We force our way through life
like rockets in the sky.
But in the end we're out of fuel
so who's to fool?
As gravity reclaims it all ...
I'd rather be the liver of Prometheus
than live in this illusion of deliverance
The more you know, the more you're faced with ignorance
and ignorance defeats you with experience
I'd rather be the wings of Icarus ...
Life is like a tree
growing in a dream;
all of us are leaves
all of us will leave
(someday with the breeze) ...
And if put away,
this brief shelter will leave two souls
to the elements exposed,
bathing in the tears of the sky
that feed life ...
Tongue is as sharp
as Muramasa blade;
it moves without regard,
cuts though everything...
One, twenty one nights in Heaven –
They show you the light barren.
One, twenty one days in Heaven –
They show you the darkness – a Black Silence!
A small touch is enough to kill, ...
Self-buried in complacency,
rotting deep within,
forsaking drive and progress,
we are slowly fading lifeless
Prolonging the agony, ...
Life is a mystery
that we create:
love, frienship... hate
for another story.
Still Unread, ...
Once the deepest we'd seen was the grave
then we became brave;
went into the unknown;
the colder it got the deeper we'd go
never turned back, traveling on; ...
Don't give up on me!
Hold on! Don't let go!
Dream! Dare! Be!
Trust what's in your soul!
Feel! Yearn! Embrace! ...
Vae victis!
Words inflicted.
Woe to the conquered!
The victor roared.
The crowd cheered ...
Island, island - one unknown, till now never shown
Alone you may feel
But that s something good to know
Welcome and leave all real....
To be left in peace ...
the early bird catches the worm
the early bird catches the warm
birds are the first migrants
a little bird once told me
bird dogs are not the real tyrants ...
It might hurt.
It might bite.
But u know what?
It feels good,
it feels right... ...
I buried myself alive
in everyday life
but every night
salvation arrives;
the cavalry, ...
Рисувам с пепелта
от изгорели мисли
и въглен от платното
оживя и се разлисти.
Късче от жарава ...
True, I am toxic;
Open the door,
Drop to the floor...
But then what is not,
When breathing is too? ...
and fall I will, a petal,
to tame the raging waters
stirred by the enemy
and fall I do in bloom ...
She was sung
in dark moments,
she was whispered
in torment and joy
ever since the time he was a boy ...
You move like the sea,
You cast your waves on me
And I am moving too,
A boat that rocks,
And then you pull, ...
Tentacle thoughts
wrap around a naked soul
in a subtle hold
laying down the roads
where our quests unfold... ...
She, the river
pushes forward.
Unbeknownst to us
she goes skywards
pulled by the hands of the sun, ...
Words drip into the mind
Like tap water drops
To disturb fragile sleep
It's her fingers tapping
Syncing with the heartbeat ...
What is awkward?
It's an oak word,
somehow like the state of wood,
in the stead of lively mood
And the one with wooden words ...
We belong
To the wind
And I'm coming to pluck you away
Like a leaf from a tree
And I'm coming to take you with me ...
She handpicked the hearts as fruit
And never said whom she would choose
But torn they were from their vines
Oblivious to their use
In making finest timeless wine ...
When I wake up in my cold lonely bed
I’m searching for your tender skin
And I scroll my thoughts in my head...
Oh, please God, tell me: "Is this a sin?!" ...
Solitude in the dark of a room
Somewhere scars are the lids of sleeping wounds
Ingrown, craving to wake and see
As someone struggles to lull them back to sleep
It's always this dogfight
we are caught in,
through burning skies,
dueling like true aces would.
Maneuvers are sickening, ...
The stars of your sky
Whisper to the stars in mine
Your moon is smiling
Gazing sideways
To my sun ...
“Wisdom is the most exact science”
Wiseman, tell me what I have to do?
Oh my keeper of the knowledge ...
The orchard of the heavens
pours the juice of land and sky
unto the ungrateful;
amongst them, you and I
And if tired hands ...
Too much thinking
Killing the feeling;
Find the unblinking
Gazes worth stealing
Full moon eyes ...
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