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You make me lose my mind
With your sweet voice
For the others I'm blind
You were my choice
I wanna hold you tight ...
patterns in patterns
emotional chatters
none of it matters
as the mind scatters
instinctive desires ...
Lonely and desperate me
I'm not intending to be
Facing to all of your tasks
Each one of you I should ask
I cannot give explanations ...
Children`s happiness
Torn by the wind!
Motley motionless kite...
In the clutches of uncertain world,
With tears shedding from your lids,
In ages humans bow to gold,
Sleep well you little kids!
Perhaps you didn't reach the coast, ...
Thou lips bring poison and delight.
Thou eyes are brighter than the night.
I can stay to hold your hand.
Until we die, burn crimson, dear.
Thou catch is all I needed of; ...
It was an autumn: like many autumn days,
when I met you roaming through the woods.
It was cold and rainy autumn day,
but to run back at home...
I refused. ...
Don't promise me the Well,
don't promise me the stars.
I don't need of nothing more than
to be with you, while the world collapses.
I drown in your lies and complains,
no more want to see your face.
It's impossible to try to break me,
when already made a space.
The debris are now cliffs and stones, ...
'Hush, hush, sweetie!
Mama's there for you...'
Whispered the woman
to her beloved son.
'Sleep, sleep, sweetie! ...
Calm down little child;
take a breath and look at me:
nothing is impossible!
The first lesson is always difficult.
Step by step, you'll rearn to skate, ...
One month no fighting,
One month of silence,
My head goes louder,
I'm loosing guidance.
I remember,
when we were friends
A long time ago
in the past.
We laughed, we cried. ...
Like a reflection in the mirror,
which was forgotten and broken.
Like a song, without lyrics,
I'm gazing through the snow.
And the rimes upon me. ...
Today I left you, because I couldn't
Build everytime the life you ruined.
Today I left and sworn no come back;
It cost too much to keep my heart from running...
You never changed, even when ...
If you were the man I loved,
Should it meant a thing;
Would you be the one to know me
and appear in my dreams?
Would you be the man I love, ...
The perfect time for walking is when the night comes down,
when there's no sunlight, shining on your way;
the beautiful is when, though except a harm,
you just enjoying that alone now outside stay...
When I closed my eyes,
I could see you again
And asked:
'How are you?'
But your eyes just stared ...
How nice is a person to be lonely-
all alone against the evils of the world;
from the shackles of the burden to be free... alone to write his dreaming destiny!
How nice is a person to feel sorrow,
to losing something or just part of himself; but it's a part of his temporary life, ...
Here I am, alone and haunted;
Begging for forgiveness, lonely.
Being different, I cannot promise,
Not even you can stop the torment.
I am The Hunter and I am The Sin. ...
Whenever I think of us, what becomes of my mind
Is a mess which I cannot trust; I am suddenly blind.
Every day I just grind, and surely I’m not the first,
But even working, I find, time to think about her.
When she’s here, time’s a blur, moving in a straight line. ...
And all the wars
those eyes of yours
have started,
and all the gore
blown open in the hearts ...
To watch you fade
was the worst,
that I've been ever forced.
When gone away
it broke my soul, ...
And now I sitting on the rock,
while watch the cyan sea;
and asking where my hope had lost,
where lost the chance to live.
The fire cackling evil at my scars- ...
Days flashed, but the time seem frozen
Of everything in this world so cold.
Now, when I've lost you. When everything turn blue and the hope was rolled out,
To be okay I can't, because your sorrow don't deserve.
Darkness, light-whichever brighting, ...
Can she forgive to you
For everyhing you've done;
for the life, who she was forced
to build again?
Can she look again at you, without feel a rage; ...
He, as always, was a dreamer-
wished to reach the stars;
he only yearned to be a winner
with soul and fearless heart...
I've known him-while the others ...
Hello, grandpa,
can you hear me now?
I need of advice:
a simple word;
a sign, ...
Sometimes I wish I were a bird,
sailing the skies and watching the world.
Across the deep blue ocean
in the deep white clouds,
falling asleep with the sunset, ...
Do you know what is like to be
just a dust on the lonely shelf,
with all these pictures left on it;
with vanished colours... thrown away?
Do you know all of the ways I feel, ...
As I lose my way
in an endless ocean
made of flowing knowledge,
my head feels like an anchor,
towing down my heart ...
I burnt you red,
yet not the skin,
and not the flesh,
but deeper still...
Through marrow I ...
Because my life is an endless story
of a pathfinder, seeking the truth of the ages.
And by adding a little bit of ink
on the sketches of my fairytale
I put some colors on the pages ...
Loud and clear We Said
That all sentences reset
the Mind's ability to rest,
but we changed the set...
Now we're independent ...
I went over the world new
To search for you
But you weren't around
You were nowhere to be found
(Come and find me) ...
Hear! The pain whispering your name
and the walls draw your silhouette.
I stand in the wet, lonely room,
where you were before...
I cry: it's so much painfully ...
The scars are open
and with a claw of broken,
the Death whispering my name.
She comes, she holds me
and with fists hits me. ...
Like a bird
my mind
It want to be free
and to discover ...
with seductive tenderness
you kill millions
to save one
to condemn one
to imprisonment ...
The Queen is coming home today,
it's already the twelfth of May.
I feel her passing every mile,
frown slowly turns into a smile.
I no longer have to wait, ...
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