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  • Causticity (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    True, I am toxic;
    Open the door,
    Drop to the floor...
    But then what is not,
    When breathing is too? ...
  • Ohka / Cherry Blossom

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    and fall I will, a petal,
    to tame the raging waters
    stirred by the enemy
    and fall I do in bloom ...
  • Resounding (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She was sung
    in dark moments,
    she was whispered
    in torment and joy
    ever since the time he was a boy ...
  • The Tide

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    You move like the sea,
    You cast your waves on me
    And I am moving too,
    A boat that rocks,
    And then you pull, ...
  • Take To Be Given

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Tentacle thoughts
    wrap around a naked soul
    in a subtle hold
    laying down the roads
    where our quests unfold... ...
  • Water (Circle)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She, the river
    pushes forward.
    Unbeknownst to us
    she goes skywards
    pulled by the hands of the sun, ...
  • Through the Threshold

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Words drip into the mind
    Like tap water drops
    To disturb fragile sleep
    It's her fingers tapping
    Syncing with the heartbeat ...
  • Definition

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    What is awkward?
    It's an oak word,
    somehow like the state of wood,
    in the stead of lively mood
    And the one with wooden words ...
  • Gust (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    We belong
    To the wind
    And I'm coming to pluck you away
    Like a leaf from a tree
    And I'm coming to take you with me ...
  • Destiny

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She handpicked the hearts as fruit
    And never said whom she would choose
    But torn they were from their vines
    Oblivious to their use
    In making finest timeless wine ...
  • Prayer

    rocker (Велин) rocker
    When I wake up in my cold lonely bed
    I’m searching for your tender skin
    And I scroll my thoughts in my head...
    Oh, please God, tell me: "Is this a sin?!" ...
  • Their Eyelids

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Solitude in the dark of a room
    Somewhere scars are the lids of sleeping wounds
    Ingrown, craving to wake and see
    As someone struggles to lull them back to sleep
  • Dogfight

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    It's always this dogfight
    we are caught in,
    through burning skies,
    dueling like true aces would.
    Maneuvers are sickening, ...
  • Celestial

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    The stars of your sky
    Whisper to the stars in mine
    Your moon is smiling
    Gazing sideways
    To my sun ...
  • Wiseman

    rocker (Велин) rocker
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    “Wisdom is the most exact science”
    Wiseman, tell me what I have to do?
    Oh my keeper of the knowledge ...
  • Taste of Shared Rain

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    The orchard of the heavens
    pours the juice of land and sky
    unto the ungrateful;
    amongst them, you and I
    And if tired hands ...
  • Interconnection (iS)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Too much thinking
    Killing the feeling;
    Find the unblinking
    Gazes worth stealing
    Full moon eyes ...
  • Dive

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    We brave uncharted waters
    on boat with crumpled sails
    We float where it is hotter
    but that's another tale
    We lose ourselves on purpose ...
  • The Night (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I feel her in the night
    With thirsty eyes
    Calling mine
    With burning heart
    Claiming mine ...
  • She, The Willow

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    River's almost still
    Me, in its embrace
    Floating like a leaf
    Beneath the weeping willow
    Hanging down my chest ...
  • Stone

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Why am I a stone
    Yet to be inscribed
    Thrown with other stones
    Victims of their pride
  • The Letter From The Gothic Goddess

    AdelaideKaltenberg (Княгиня Нощ) AdelaideKaltenberg
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy
    Your existence powers me up
    with joy and madness
    Didn’t have any idea how tired
    I felt when you were gone
    My soul is still bleeding ...
  • The Last

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    You and I,
    The last of our kind,
    Let us join
    To meet the sunset
    And tread together ...
  • Traitors

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Just remember
    The most beautiful traitors
    Are your eyes
    In silent surrender
    They'll betray us this one time ...
  • White

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    In my head her lips white-hot are melting
    Burning red are thoughts my blood is pelting
    This is not a dream
    This is no fantasy
    This is not a whim ...
  • Surrogate Angel (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She slowly opened her eyes
    She said "be my angel now"
    "rest in my arms", he replied
    I am your angel now
    *** ...
  • Show You (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    See me
    Be mine now
    I will show you how
    sparks are falling
    raining down ...
  • Firefly

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Other
    There is a firefly
    right above me
    Clipping its wings,
    wings like butterfly,
    shining the way, ...
  • Lost in a world that doesnt exist

    teodorski1 teodorski1
    Poetry » Love
    Can I find a spot between your dreams?
    Can I sit and stay. I like as it seems...
    Can I be a sudden scream in the silenced deep
    Can I be the thought you get before you fall asleep? ...
  • Canvas

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I am the canvas,
    the canvas to the heart
    A master painter, blind,
    yet peerless in his art
    You are the sandglass, ...
  • Mine

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She is mine
    Her darkness shines
    Her touch ignites
    a dreamer's mind
    She is mine ...
  • Balmy

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Flowers beneath my window
    Dancing in the flow
    Of melody near-inaudible
    The music of the wind exhaled
    In the calmness of the night ...
  • The London Eye

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » White poetry
    Some day I will understand
    how you treated me...
    Was it wrong? Was it right?
    Was it really thee?
    I can't hold on to empty words, ...
  • Blissful

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I don't want to be
    a heartbroken Daedalus.
    Let me have those wings
    so I could be
    the one to burn ...
  • 10th deaf

    jorov (Георги Вачев) jorov
    Poetry » Other
    There's a place you go
    Place they show
    You've seen it
    If your urge to know
    Disturbs the flow ...
  • Separation

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Under a starry sky
    this mind would roam
    Still awake and painfully alive
    Again a voyager
    once more alone. ...
  • Pouring

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    On windows
    And on skin;
    Telltale translucency
    Are you ...
  • Anger

    Яким (Яким  Дянков) Яким
    Poetry » Other
    A spell is upon me
    malicious and cruel.
    Is it by a demon of doom?
    My dreams of salvation – ...
  • Afflatus

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I feel her dancing as vapor,
    flowing upward like a river;
    She is the color of rain,
    the taste of sunlight on skin.
    Her lips caress my thoughts ...
  • Vehicle

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Standing by the roadside,
    Taking in the view
    Betty's looking lonely
    Looking for a crew
    Holding cherry blossom ...

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