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  • Dogfight

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    It's always this dogfight
    we are caught in,
    through burning skies,
    dueling like true aces would.
    Maneuvers are sickening, ...
  • Celestial

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    The stars of your sky
    Whisper to the stars in mine
    Your moon is smiling
    Gazing sideways
    To my sun ...
  • Wiseman

    rocker (Велин) rocker
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    “Wisdom is the most exact science”
    Wiseman, tell me what I have to do?
    Oh my keeper of the knowledge ...
  • Taste of Shared Rain

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    The orchard of the heavens
    pours the juice of land and sky
    unto the ungrateful;
    amongst them, you and I
    And if tired hands ...
  • Interconnection (iS)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Too much thinking
    Killing the feeling;
    Find the unblinking
    Gazes worth stealing
    Full moon eyes ...
  • Dive

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    We brave uncharted waters
    on boat with crumpled sails
    We float where it is hotter
    but that's another tale
    We lose ourselves on purpose ...
  • The Night (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I feel her in the night
    With thirsty eyes
    Calling mine
    With burning heart
    Claiming mine ...
  • She, The Willow

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    River's almost still
    Me, in its embrace
    Floating like a leaf
    Beneath the weeping willow
    Hanging down my chest ...
  • Stone

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Why am I a stone
    Yet to be inscribed
    Thrown with other stones
    Victims of their pride
  • The Letter From The Gothic Goddess

    AdelaideKaltenberg (Княгиня Нощ) AdelaideKaltenberg
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy
    Your existence powers me up
    with joy and madness
    Didn’t have any idea how tired
    I felt when you were gone
    My soul is still bleeding ...
  • The Last

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    You and I,
    The last of our kind,
    Let us join
    To meet the sunset
    And tread together ...
  • Traitors

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Just remember
    The most beautiful traitors
    Are your eyes
    In silent surrender
    They'll betray us this one time ...
  • White

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    In my head her lips white-hot are melting
    Burning red are thoughts my blood is pelting
    This is not a dream
    This is no fantasy
    This is not a whim ...
  • Surrogate Angel (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She slowly opened her eyes
    She said "be my angel now"
    "rest in my arms", he replied
    I am your angel now
    *** ...
  • Show You (song lyrics)

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    See me
    Be mine now
    I will show you how
    sparks are falling
    raining down ...
  • Firefly

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Other
    There is a firefly
    right above me
    Clipping its wings,
    wings like butterfly,
    shining the way, ...
  • Lost in a world that doesnt exist

    teodorski1 teodorski1
    Poetry » Love
    Can I find a spot between your dreams?
    Can I sit and stay. I like as it seems...
    Can I be a sudden scream in the silenced deep
    Can I be the thought you get before you fall asleep? ...
  • Canvas

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I am the canvas,
    the canvas to the heart
    A master painter, blind,
    yet peerless in his art
    You are the sandglass, ...
  • Mine

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    She is mine
    Her darkness shines
    Her touch ignites
    a dreamer's mind
    She is mine ...
  • Balmy

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Flowers beneath my window
    Dancing in the flow
    Of melody near-inaudible
    The music of the wind exhaled
    In the calmness of the night ...
  • The London Eye

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » White poetry
    Some day I will understand
    how you treated me...
    Was it wrong? Was it right?
    Was it really thee?
    I can't hold on to empty words, ...
  • Blissful

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I don't want to be
    a heartbroken Daedalus.
    Let me have those wings
    so I could be
    the one to burn ...
  • 10th deaf

    jorov (Георги Вачев) jorov
    Poetry » Other
    There's a place you go
    Place they show
    You've seen it
    If your urge to know
    Disturbs the flow ...
  • Separation

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Under a starry sky
    this mind would roam
    Still awake and painfully alive
    Again a voyager
    once more alone. ...
  • Pouring

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    On windows
    And on skin;
    Telltale translucency
    Are you ...
  • Anger

    Яким (Яким  Дянков) Яким
    Poetry » Other
    A spell is upon me
    malicious and cruel.
    Is it by a demon of doom?
    My dreams of salvation – ...
  • Afflatus

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    I feel her dancing as vapor,
    flowing upward like a river;
    She is the color of rain,
    the taste of sunlight on skin.
    Her lips caress my thoughts ...
  • Vehicle

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Standing by the roadside,
    Taking in the view
    Betty's looking lonely
    Looking for a crew
    Holding cherry blossom ...
  • Обичам те

    petrova95 (Пепи Петрова) petrova95
    Poetry » Love
    Обичам те, защото винаги си бил до мен,
    винаги когато съм имала лош ден.
    Обичам те, защото ти си топлина,
    която не спира да ме топли в нощта.
    Обичам те, защото винаги си ми помагал ...
  • Immortal sounds

    somewhere-else (Марти Драганова) somewhere-else
    Poetry » Other
    She was a myth in my conscience;
    She was a myth in my common mind;
    She was a legend of great importance,
    a legend of immortal sounds.
    She was a creature in a foreign kingdom, ...
  • S...

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Everything begins with an "s",
    a story, a secret, a start
    Try to be someone else
    And you'll forget you're afar
    Everything begins with an "s": ...
  • Imitation of life

    Redessa (Ри Ана) Redessa
    Poetry » Phylosophy
    Imitation of this life
    is the life I hold inside
    All the benches sit besides
    As I'm walking on the aisle...
    The aisle of time: ...
  • Wondering

    Katelyn (Кейтлин Соева) Katelyn
    Poetry » Love
    In the dark blue corner of the night
    Beneath the sullen color of the light
    Coming from the stars so bright
    Shining from their own insight
    I am standing in the dark ...
  • MMXV

    alantuan (Георги) alantuan
    Poetry » Other
    The day we've just met the sorrow
    my immortality was so important.
    All the creatures I sell or borrow
    will rule over only one instant.
  • Eyes

    Kaileygh (Емануел) Kaileygh
    Poetry » Love
    her eyes are just colourful but when I look into them I see colours that didn't even exist   344 
  • Burning

    Redessa (Ри Ана) Redessa
    Poetry » Love
    My first love was thee
    My first recall of freedom.
    My first suureal kiss unborn,
    My all... has found its home...
    All my life I've been in ring ...
  • Anymore, Forevermore

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Love
    If I could, I would be your friend
    I would be happy to die in your hands
    Because you carry that piece of life that I got stolen
    And now the empty pieces of my heart don't seem broken
    Anymore... ...
  • Death Note

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Love
    Among the tired souls of mourn
    I walk along the darkest road...
    Sleepless nights control my thought.
    Now I wish that I were strong...
    I admire you from all my soul ...
  • Walls

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Nerves are like walls
    They keep me alive
    Without them everything falls
    And loses its life...
    Without love I cannot breathe ...
  • Lightbearer

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    The bearer of light
    arrives to blind us;
    to show us everything material
    is all we'll ever have,
    all we'll ever be; ...

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