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I see a lighthouse right ahead.
The shine get stronger every step I took;
I saw my body - lying on the bed,
So fragile and so possible to broke.
The words are forceless to portray ...
Segment from the stream of despair
I see in the dungeons of mind;
For horrors outside I dont care,
No matter the answer I find.
A kiss from a spectre at midnight, ...
I know it - there in the night
She always will waits for me;
When comes the final gloomy light
And happens what is meant to be.
Stars, so many and so bright - ...
One winter morning on the street
You gave me a handful of affliction;
And I love, and I value - I adore it -
Just a mortal, drowned in a fiction.
You say you like my eyes and hair, ...
i love animals so much
even those i cannot touch
i can sit in the garden for hours
observing bugs and trees and flowers
one day the Earth will be so green, ...
"Sometimes I wonder if this suffering is going to last forever?!"
"No. Sooner or later everybody are going to die."
"But why is all this?! I hurt no one, never!"
"Yes. And people like you are going to suffer, no matter how hard they will try."
Light. Words. A distant murmur of forgotten wraith. ...
A drifting subpolar circulation
Around the northern hemisphere;
For tired soul a gently invitation
With promise for the grief to disappear.
I know a northward - flowing cold ...
River of poisonous gloom water cold
There ahead I behold in the bosom of eve -
Whispers of sorrow covered with mold,
Words never told and anticipations deceived.
lukewarm white hands and chill grin, ...
Tonight I was told
That you had a smile on your lips
And my execution you behold,
Putting hands leisurely beside your hips.
Hedera Helix wrap around my chest, ...
Drop after drop
My blood flies away;
And when my heart finally stop
Only dust will remain.
Clouds with a shape of sorrow ...
Honey, I'm а simple man
I don't have a lot of money
but U can still be "my buney" - a crown
that U'll bring with a proud,
but if U chasing man with a ca$h ...
Sometimes, when I can't sleep
The shades around whisper in my ear;
A neverending sorrow in a pointless trip -
Just dead cadaver eyes without ability to fear.
Sometimes, when I am drowned inside ...
Is dark again.
My flesh is trembling from the freeze.
My body - silhouette in scarlet stain.
My heart is down on his knees.
I wish the clock to stop. ...
I so much love to put my hand
Gently through your long dark hair -
This used to be my stand,
This even used to be my cause to dare.
Is something so familiar and dear ...
In her heart - harmony.
In my heart - rhapsody...
We - rock-and-roll in the night!
Waves colder over my sails -
Visions of doom and the frauds I despise;
Mermaid so cruel and her somber long veils -
Bottomless fall in a circle of lies.
In this wasteland I can nothing to do - ...
On crossroad congregation of a shadows pale
Awaits the duing poet's ghost;
The lady with the scythe spreads her veil
And show the way on everybody, who is lost.
So, some rainy day or frozen night ...
And so, I decompose inside the autumn air,
And so the night behold my Neverland;
The fireflies are just enlightenments of despair -
Inside the jail of screams one little dent.
There deeply in the darkness, down below, ...
I fly in river of astral homeostasis,
Lost among wings of raven flight -
Catharsis through lycanthropy phases -
Macabre howl in the veil of night.
Under the cold and distant glare ...
In front of me a little shine
Glow between the trees tonight.
I follow it - a pale trace in narrow line
And running in the dark because this distant light.
A ghostly laugh confluence the brume ...
Above the ground,
In endless empty corridor
Without sound
I skim above the coldest floor.
In grey light from the casement ...
The chilling void of distant constellation
I hear calling me tonight;
The empty breath of cursed desperation
Is my beloved, my friend and bride.
Where is my smiled mask - ...
No energy in me remain,
Is only darkness all around;
My sorrow vanish in a pit of pain -
The key to light was never found.
A vile whisper in the brain ...
The sun-kissed
the sunkissed petal...
My face is sun-kissed too!
"He killed the man" - they said.
"He pierced the man with seven arrows
That's how the fell
That's how he saw the end
The man even couldn't say farewell ...
The lair of every witch
is beautiful, warm and cozy...
I - another successful catch!
Not your trophy 🏆❌
Nobody shoots birds in cages
The high-flying ones with widely spread
wings are always the favorite target 🎯 ...
What if
There is no heaven
and no hell?
What if
hell is here? ...
I can’t handle the thoughts of you at night,
running in my head from side to side , leaving me speechless with so much to say even tho both of us knew this house of glass was never meant to last
I can’t handle knowing I wasn’t enough and you know I blame myself for you leaving me without a second th ...
Oh my God, it will be Monday again !!!
We will be expelled from the Garden of Eden again -
a weekend that is shorter than Al Bundy's sex!
I use myself and others in moralistic ways,
for all my sisters and brothers live their better days,
finding out what they are truly meant to be,
insatiable to the point of insanity.
Missing out on the seemingly insignificant, ...
The swans follow their breath
in the murky sea water ...
Winter on the outskirts of Varna.
An endless night, the light - unborn
That deepest dark at brink of dawn
The wind is fresh, the feeling - heavy
A heart that beats, a soul that's weary.
One lonely cry on someone's shoulder ...
A fleeting memory of a long-lost love
lingers at the tip of my tongue.
I shudder to think and to relive
that which I’d lost for so terribly long.
All love is now lost to me forever, ...
If death is final, then why does it linger?
Why do loved ones wallow in its distress?
On such questions I wish to put a finger
and unravel the mystery of postmortem stress.
Existence supposedly ends with death, ...
I tune in to the insanity
of the world around me.
A true beacon of profanity
where nothing’s meant to be.
Illusive thoughts rage all around, ...
I don't know you
but I know too well,
Your habit of not locking the door, and walking shoeless on the cold floor
Your worn pijama with small spots on it
Your messy hair which can almost always be seen in the air ...
Той беше красив,
млад, художник...
Ала пропи се...
Жена го остави...
И всичко във него ...
I switch from face to face,
unwilling to be put in place,
stretching over distant thoughts
of what I’ve found and forever lost.
People look at me and see ...
I dream for a quiet place -
where I can rest while mellow air refreshes my body and face
and not be disturbed by humans loudly talking outside;
or by the unpleasantly loud garden machinery;
or by the neighbour stomping heavily on the floor; ...
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