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A crocodile addressed once to an ape,
Hiding in his mind a bad intention.
He wanted all her self-esteem to jape
And everyone to laugh at her pretentions.
"Are you married?"- he asked with cunning face, ...
You make me smile,
you make me wonder,
you make me feel alive,
you make me enjoy my life,
you make me all the things I need...
I dreamt about a dream
I wish for it to be real
But the life is never fair
It put me on a broken chair...
I dreamt about a dream ...
I close my eyes
And dream of you.
And how the days
Were passing through.
I close my eyes ...
Everybody is writing about true love.
About all the happiness and the suffering that brings you.
But nobody is writing about summer love
the purest of them all and the most beautiful love.
Don't get me wrong, nothing can compare with the true love, ...
the flowers beneath her skin
tore her veins from within
while tenderly caressing her sins;
Until October...
when they finally bloomed.
The moment I stopped being in love with you was the moment I saw who I was
What I liked about you
Confused little girl looking for her father's love
Looking for male validation without realising it.
But I am a woman- I'm scared, I need strength ...
paint me a nebula
in the dreams where
everything seems so
bright and distant.
gift me with stars ...
One day, time you gave to us
But neither of trust
Has build up in the crust (The Earth crust)
Why can't I put that "must"?
What kills us, poverty creates ...
Step aside or the beast will rise
and swallow us all.
Beware to not fall under his shadow
because it's all sorrow and cries.
The Earth is аn enormous plate
Of which all people eat.
But if you open certain gate,
With serving or with cheat,
You get such kind of appetite, ...
It’s warm and cozy in the old Irish bar -
A refuge from the rainy and cold night outside.
I am drinking a glass of a strong, dark stout
Feeling a bit lonely - I don’t know why,
and the night is slowly passing by. ...
Love is a source
Teenage kisses in the night
Wealth not for one, but for two
Free opium with a price
In this world let's love to rule ...
Hatred is too difficult to swallow
That's why we spit it out all the time.
For people with a mind which is too hollow
Hatred leads them to the path of crime.
Sometimes it is politically propagated ...
Преди да започнете прочита, препоръчвам да си пуснете тази песен за фон:
going further, murder is just a word
a dirt on somebody's boots
a body on a journey to reach its roots ...
I feel lost.
It's like I'm
an endless maze. ...
I get back home
And sip a drink
I am not a drunk
I'm just a sad
It still an odor of your perfume ...
Sometimes I feel
I lived forever
Sometimes I feel
I lived the life of everyone
I've been Shakespeare ...
Have you seen an angel staying on the street?
I saw her one night
She was dressed to kill
White dress, tanned skin
Maybe she was waiting for me ...
I know you are, you know it too,
you are a warm and magnanimous,
you feel like a nice summer day,
which I don't want to end,
Every time I hear you smile, you make me full of joy, ...
In the silence of the night, her smile dazzled through the stars.
Her gaze always aimed far beyond the moon.
Her heart was boundless, spirited, and daring.
She promised I'd be free! ...
I'd like to see a star out there
that could compete in warmth,
but stars could blind me if I stared,
yet my eyes are unharmed.
I'd like to see a fertile soil ...
He whispers in Dutch on my radar for trouble.
I'm drowning in hopes made of pink fragile bubbles.
His voice – a reminder of all that I need.
A flowery fire awaits to be freed.
I knew you were leaving before I was told. ...
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Angel or devil?
Rather in between
A man of passion
Following his dream
A soul on fire ...
You’ve brighten my world,
you’ve brighten my soul,
you’ve warmed my heart,
you are brightening my day,
you’ve brighten my spirit, ...
Tell me
Did they fall like dying leaves
Like rose petals
When they saw
Your body melting ...
I cared so much
in the past
I helped them all
but they betrayed me fast.
I changed myself ...
Mabon is finally here
Blessed let it be
I've waited for it
Half a year
Just to see ...
hey, remember me?
it's been a while.
i just couldn't forget that gorgeous smile
i know this might sound a bit wild,
but you remind me of when i was a child ...
Even the smell
of thousand
foreign flowers
will not
bring back to life ...
Please just let me be myself
And so what if I wanna be a shooting star
With half a page worth of scribbled lines?
I'm only flesh and blood
Forgive me, the temptation's out of control ...
When I look in the mirror
There is something that I see
The eyes of a demon
Staring back at me
There was a story in the distance ...
Търсех детелина...
Детелина четирилистна...
Казват, носела късмет...
Всичко, що си пожелаеш,
ставало реалност... ...
I have no will to live
I don't have any reasons
To stay alive and breathe
And listen to the wisdom
The world around is hollow ...
To end this miserable life,
This vicious cycle to forsake
You need to have just sharper knife
And will the chains to crash and break.
The hell is here - nothing new - ...
A shade of spirit gray and lorn
Is now beside me, but all's fine;
Inmate inside this mortal form
I watch upon the passing time.
Why has to be this way - ...
I wish I had the strength tonight
To rise my sword against the voice
Which crawls beside the edge of light -
I wish to had for once some choice.
Below my feet I see abyss, ...
A choir of whispers around -
Last requiem for fallen star;
Another cenotaph to haunt
When all the light will fade afar.
I walk in the forest alone, ...
I was told by the sorrow,
For the distress which is going to be -
The hateful light of tomorrow
Brings just nothing to me.
I am cadaver of catoblepas, ...
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